Comfy lingerie for whimsical brides everywhere

Things are by no means back to normal here at the D&C studio, but like many people, we're looking for ways to create a sense of joy and excitement about the future, however uncertain that may be. 

Today, that means revisiting one of our all time favourite topics in the bridal world: adorable, comfy, super sexy lingerie!

In all of our designs, however, we want to put an emphasis on "comfy." It's not enough to be strapped in, locked and loaded in a gorgeous set, and totally unable to breathe. In order to truly feel sexy, you should also feel comfortable. 

So this round-up here takes a look at design features that will have brides both looking and feeling great. 

Elastic waistband comfortable lingerie Vancouver handmade

Featuring the Eira Shorts, the Zinnia Shorts, and the Roxanne Shorts

Elastic waistbands, girl

Not your grandma's waistband, not anymore. We spend so many of our days locked into stiff denim or slim cut trousers that as soon as we're home, the sweatpants come out. That's because sweatpants give us something that jeans don't: comfort. The MVP of comfy-clothing? elastic waistbands.

Opt for an adorable set of high cut shorts with a gentle, enrobed elastic waistband to keep the fit comfortable, variable, and to prevent those little outlines in your skin. We love elastic waistbands because they accommodate so many gorgeous body types and are extremely versatile, basically ensuring a perfect fit. And seriously, they can still be wildly sexy (see above!). 

Comfortable handmade lace bralettes

Featuring the Eira Bralette and the Wren Bralette.

Lacy bralettes

Our favourite laces—after the quintessential chantilly that sets our hearts aflutter—is the super practical stretch lace used in our Eira Bralette. It's luxurious but still sheer for that gorgeous glimpse of skin, but offers a lovely degree of stretch so you never feel like you're locked into a full bra. Finish with a fussy-cut edge and you've got a perfect lace bralette that brings together all of the finesse and drama but none of the scratchy band, pokey wire, or slippy straps. For people with larger breasts, look for an option like the Wren Bralette, which brings together comfortable lace with a more supportive panel.

Drapey comfortable lingerie handmade in Vancouver

Featuring the Roxanne Slip and Robe

Strategically draped silhouettes

Your lingerie should accentuate your shape, not mould you into something you're not. We love thoughtfully designed, strategically drapey silhouettes for this: a clever slip cut brings out your natural hourglass shape, highlighting your favourite parts of your body. Look for cuts which are slightly longer in the back than they are in the front, and consider a draping, low or open back to accentuate your shoulders and back.

Loose fit lingerie handmade in Vancouver

Featuring the Zinnia Cami and Shorts

Loose fit

A rule of thumb for life: either tight or revealing, not both! A nice loose fit set hits this mark perfectly: the Zinnia set, which is one of our favourites, executes this rule perfectly. With a shift-inspired, perfectly tailored silhouette, the Zinnia packs a serious punch. It's secret weapon? Totally sheer, super comfortable lace with a fussy cut finish. This piece is unexpected in its boldness but so classic in its shape. Naturally, its loose fit means no lines or snug points to pinch you. We cannot get enough!

High waisted lingerie handmade in Vancouver

Featuring the Ophelia Panty and Eira Panty.

High cut bottoms

Have you ever met a cozy high waisted or high cut bottom you didn't like? For so many people, our lower tummy is the spot that gives us the most anxiety. Wearing a nice high waisted, high cut bottom is perfect for a few reasons. First, it provides a bit of snugness and support across the lower abdomen to create a lovely shape around the hips.

Bringing the garment up to the waist also segments the body visually into more equal "parts," if you will—the broadness of the shoulders, the shapely chest, the cinched waist (only a bit!) and followed by the curvy hips and long legs. High waisted garments emphasize the length of the legs and the natural waist, showing off your body without making it something it's not. You truly can't go wrong!

What's your favourite sort of lingerie? Let us know below!

Take care, D&C

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