Fall backdrop inspiration!

By Davie & Chiyo
Posted on September 07 2018

In Vancouver, we're currently in the midst of what we call "second summer," or, "fool's summer." The hot weather of August has subsided and given way to a week of chilly temperatures and even rain, and the entire city starts moaning about it. But then, a few days into September, temperatures climb and the sun shines once more. We know now not to get too comfortable though—because this weekend, what weather might we be expecting? You guessed it. Our final rainy descent into fall. But I've gotta say, I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Fall is great in the bridal world because we get to see all of our peers and friends releasing their new F/W collections, and annual dress collections. We're among some serious talent in Vancouver, and we love to share a glass of wine and celebrate with our people. However, there's more to love about fall: certainly not least, the changing of bridal aesthetics. Less lace, more faux fur; fewer outdoor shindigs, more raucous ballroom parties. As seasonal plants shift, so too do bouquets.

This brings us to our current favourite backdrop inspiration! Yes, this is the often underestimated or overlooked area in front of which you and your spouse will stand as you are married. This space can make or break an incredible ceremony space. Luckily, there's a lot out there you can do! Here are our favourites.

Go natural

Natural backdrop

Photos from Stone House Creative, Mod Weddings, and Pinterest.

This choice is obviously very popular in the PNW. Using foraged bows of cedar and draping them across an archway made of two by fours is an easy, affordable, and beautiful option. (Just don't get caught while foraging!) Alternatively, try out one of these gorgeous arrangements—have your florist create a hanging or free standing backdrop for a really dramatic effect. If you are hoping for something big and show stopping, we highly recommend employing a florist or artist that works in florals to create your backdrop—plants can be finicky and need lots of care. Not something for you to worry about on the day of.

 Go sculptural

Sculptural backdrop

Photos from Brit + Co., Tie the Knot Santorini, and Brides of North Texas.

If unruly florals aren't your style (or aren't your budget), consider going for something more sculptural or modern. These arches feature flowers, but not in ways you'd expect. You could just as easily drape some beautiful silk over the triangle arch and ditch the flowers altogether. We love the "flatlay" of tropical leaves—it is so visually striking and all in all, wouldn't break the bank, because you'd use fewer flowers than if you were bundling. We totally love this irregularly shaped archway, too! It is such a neat idea, though you may need a hand with it depending on your own affinity to woodworking. Any of these backdrop ideas could be brought indoors and have just as much oomph!

Go wintery!

Winter backdrop

Photos from Katie M Kulper, Christine Graham Photography, and 100 Layer Cake.

Make your wedding a winter inspired wonderland! We love this option, because, well, we love winter. This usually involves some glowy fairy lights, soft white fabrics, and perhaps bare branches. Maybe Christmas bobbles? We'll leave that choice to you. Use of whites and light in a backdrop will make you, especially if you wear white, look absolutely angelic. General visual cohesion with regards to colour also ensures that your ceremony space looks put together and refined. All in, it's at least an option to mull over a PSL. 💅 

What are your thoughts?! How did you settle on your backdrop? 


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