Feature Post: D&C Bride Dana

When a post from Marc Andreo Photography came up on our Facebook, we fell in love. We wanted to feature a few of Marc's gorgeous images of Dana and Christopher's beautiful wedding. You can see the full post and vendor credits here. Let's go!

Getting ready!

We were delighted to see the Iverness Hairpin nestled in Dana's hair! This relaxed, half-back hairstyle is so timeless and suits Dana's sandy hair so well. She's glowing!

Rooftop wedding photo goals.

The entire wedding had a gorgeous minimalist industrial feel, which is in keeping with the bride and groom's pared down looks. We can't get enough of the gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony—can we have one of these in studio all the time? The texture of the walls of the venue and the backdrop, plus all of that light streaming in... It's to die for. 

More #squadgoals!

And of course—where would a girl be without her girls? Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a fantastic idea. Everyone gets a style they love, and a colour that looks good on them (not all skin tones love all colours the same way!). The neutral palette of the wedding is at once modern and timeless. Dana and Christopher will look back on their wedding fondly forever, we know it. 

The incredible Marc Andreo Photography captured this wedding so masterfully. Thank you for sharing it with us! 

You can shop the Iverness Hairpin here, and check out our Pinterest boards on industrial weddings and bridesmaid dresses if you'd like to see more of this fabulous inspo!

xo D&C

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