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Two more days 'til New Year's Eve! What are your plans? Here at the office, we're pretty split: some of us are staying in, all bundled up... And others, well, some of us have a penchant for very high heels and champagne. What can we say? We balance each other out! That's why we're such a happy family.

We love NYE for a few reasons, not least because it's a great opportunity to undertake new goals and reevaluate past achievements or shortcomings. It's a time of new beginnings, celebration, and milestones! This is why, for many couples, NYE is the perfect date for one very important celebration: their weddings! To toast to all of the couples tying the knot in a few days, find here some of our absolute favourite gold/sparkly/champagne-themed wedding decor and inspiration.

All about gold.

Photos from Pinterest.

Always start with the basics: champagne and the time. This bubbly must have pulls double its weight—for your celebration, and for the new year! Fun on-theme accessories and decor add to a beautifully cohesive mise-en-scene that really makes an evening special. And your guests can take them home! 

Go big.

Photos from Pinterest.

Another fabulous reason for hosting your wedding on NYE? You can get dramatic. Really dramatic. Go for the confetti toss, balloon drop, fireworks, or all three—you'll get some gorgeous photos and your guests will never forget. A tip: have you ever seen those little hand-held confetti and glitter cannons? They cost maybe $1 at the dollar store, and they really pack an excellent punch for a bright, colourful send off.

All gold everything.

Photos from Pinterest.

Our favourite thing about NYE? You can go crazy with gold. All gold everything, everwhere—it's our favourite, insane luxury tat we can't get enough of. Gold dresses? Yes. It's one occasion where you can be very extra without actually seeming too extra, so to speak.

Congratulations to all of you soon to be newlyweds! We can't wait to ring in the new year, and we hope you have an excellent time with your loved ones!

xo D&C


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