Gorgeous outdoor wedding details

We're all on the same page now, right? Appeasing Ms. Rona-19 is of the utmost urgency, but after the year we've had, so is having the wedding of our dreams. 

Dozens of our brides have been forced to cancel or reschedule their weddings to a later date, and with a second wave looming, we're all unsure if having a traditional wedding will be safe even on those rescheduled dates. In the spirit of gettin' hitched while staying safe, we've compiled some of our favourite outdoor wedding details to make your day feel like it should: perfect. 

Fairy lights for your outdoor wedding decorations

Adaptable, dreamy fairy lights

If you're getting married in 2020, you're probably planning on a summer or fall wedding and you're probably planning to be outside. To make the most of your already dreamy venue, splurge on some gorgeous and adaptable lights to give your space a romantic, whimsical feeling. We love the examples above, with dozens of strings draped methodically across the dining area. These lights are great because they're so dynamic: they add atmosphere to your space, but as it gets dark, they keep your outdoor venue well lit and feeling hospitable. Using beautiful, romantic lights like these will keep your outdoor venue feeling cozy and intimate, even if we're all still social distancing.

Modern arches for outdoor wedding decorations

Jaw dropping arches, backdrops, and altars

Outdoor weddings don't need to be rustic. If you were hoping for a super chic, modern wedding, start with an amazing backdrop for your "I dos!" We adore these minimalist arches and altars juxtaposed against the natural beauty of their surroundings; these prove that an outdoor wedding needn't depart from your preferred aesthetic, and they make for amazing photographs. 

Make your own signage for your outdoor wedding decorations

Let your personalities shine

At an outdoor wedding, the structure is all up to you. Where's the dance floor? Where's the bar? The aisle? The cocktail zone? It's all up to you. Signage is a great way to make your wedding day feel like yours—let your personalities shine. Just like the arches above, you don't need to use romantic rhyming couplets just because it seems to be the norm. Try something cheeky, something a little crass, or just simple, like above: food, booze, bad dance moves!

For many of us, an outdoor wedding was not our first choice. But this change in plans doesn't mean your wedding can't still be perfect. Are you having an outdoor wedding? How are you styling it? Let us know below!

xo D&C

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