How to pull off your dream beach wedding

Planning any wedding comes with heaps of careful considerations and finicky details. Beach weddings, however? Even more so! Here are five tips to keep in mind while planning your beach wedding, featuring the beautiful work of Jess Lee, and our Ines Gown with our Indra Hairvine

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Think bridal beach attire

Naturally, being comfortable on your big day is a major concern. And as you can imagine, bridal wear looks very different on the beach than it does in a church. This should be front of mind.

Things to prioritize: comfortable shoes (ideally flats that won't sink into the sand!), no long, heavy trains, and hair that can be pinned into place in case the day is windy. Keep your look light, but plan for the weather. Go light in the heat of summer, but if you're planning on an autumn wedding, be sure to layer up. Consider a cozy faux fur wrap to keep you all nice and toasty.

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Prioritize privacy

Most beaches are public. Even if you book your wedding with a resort, your privacy is not guaranteed. If you don't want rubberneckers checking out your wedding, you'll need to take precautions. Either book a private beach or ensure that your host venue is able to keep the public away. Everyone will be more comfortable setting their belongings down and gathering around for hugs and photos provided your wedding is private. We really can't recommend this step enough.

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Prepare your guests

Just like your bridal wear needs to match the season, the same goes for your guests! Warn them of weather trends and what you are expecting for the day, and almost always suggest they bring a sweater lest those ocean winds pick up unexpectedly. Have them bring lovely hats, be sure to wear sunscreen, and make sure to wear their best sunglasses (but take them off for the photos!). 

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Provide some perks

Just about everyone will show up to a beach wedding in beautiful but perhaps impractical footwear. This is sweet: it means no one wants to wear flip flops to your wedding, despite knowing it's probably the most comfortable option.

Say thank you—and give permission—by providing a few perks. Set up a welcome stand with branded flip flops for your guests to take, as well as fans, sunglasses, and perhaps sun hats for those that forgot theirs at home. This will keep everyone happy and comfortable for even the longest ceremonies.

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Be flexible, and have a backup plan

This goes without saying for every wedding, but when performing your nuptials next to the sea, things can be extra volatile. High winds, crashing waves, rain, or much too much sun are all good reasons for a change of plans.

If your venue has a ballroom or hall you can reserve as a backup plan, go for something like that. Alternatively, have a few tents on standby, but be sure to weight them properly

Our favourite option is the most laid back: see if you can just postpone your ceremony for an hour until the cloud passes. Have a few cocktails with your bridal party, make sure your guests are comfortable, and wait for that perfect moment. Better than shuffling everyone indoors!

What are your top tips for beach weddings? Let us know below!

xo D&C

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