Ideas for an unforgettable wedding reception

By Megan Jenkins
Posted on November 17 2017

Yes, there's dinner, and drinking, and dancing at your reception. But that's not where the fun has to stop! There's the garter and bouquet toss, and the first dance, and the parents' dance, sometimes there is a coordinated dance routine—lots of dancing, wow. There's the speeches, and the hugs, and the photos. But there's also lots you can do to take your reception to the next level. Here are some reception activities that we've encountered at weddings and totally loved!

 Photobooths and the question game!

Images from Buzzfeed and Pinterest. 

The Shoe Game

We've probably all heard of the shoe game at this point, but that's for very good reason. It's so much fun! The premise is that you and your new spouse sit back to back and exchange one shoe, so that you're holding one of each. A series of questions is asked, and you and your spouse hold up either your own shoe or your new spouse's to indicate your answer. Who is the better cook? Who is the better driver? Who's smarter or funnier? Who is the most likely to get a sunburn? This game is heaps of fun for you two and for your crowd! Have your MC or bring on another spokesperson to read the questions, and if you'd like, leave note cards at each table for guests to submit their own! Just make sure they won't offend Grandma or the nieces and nephews...


Setting up a photobooth is a ton of fun, and there are lots of options as to what you can do with it. You can build your own, and either have it be automatic, or have someone run it all night. It's not very difficult to program your own photobooth, and there are lots of tutorials online! Or you can hire a company to bring one in, and these professional set ups are usually pretty snazzy. It's also a ton of fun to have your photobooth print some of the best photos of the night instantly, so guests can either take them home or sign them and leave them in your wedding album!

Disposable Cameras

Along the same lines, send a few disposable cameras with a great flash around your guests as the night goes on. You can even design a new, wedding themed wrap for the cameras to replace the Kodak or Fuji cardboard it comes in. Then, have everyone drop the cameras into a bin when the night ends, and have them developed! You can do this all in one shot, or develop one camera every month for the next year, until your anniversary! You'll definitely get to see the wedding through your guests eyes.

Disposable cameras and I Spy!

Photos from The Knot, Pinterest, and HuffPo.

Spread the #hashtag love!

Do you have a wedding hashtag? It's a great way to keep track of your guests' photos at your wedding. Even better—bring in a television screen or projector which shows all images posted to Instagram using your hashtag! The whole crowd will be able to share in the fun, and everyone's selfies will get maximum exposure. It may also help to keep some people a little more under control... Not to get Foucaultian, but have you heard of the Panopticon? 

Photo scavenger hunt

This is a great way to keep people having fun and on a mission. Have your guests zip around the reception in teams (by table, maybe?) snapping photos on their phone of select items or happenings: some old school dance moves, someone sleeping, the bride and groom kissing, someone finishing off a glass of wine, etc. First person/team to submit their completed set to you post wedding night wins a prize!

Table booklets

These are super fun and low key. Toss a few booklets onto the tables with pens and have your guests fill them out! A piece of advice, suggestions for your next date? What should we name our first child or pet? You can imagine how these questions elicit some fabulous responses. It's super fun to look back and read through everything your guests shared!

What wedding games did you have at your reception? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Tammy Dalley: December 11, 2017

    Great ideas! Love the photobooth

  • Natalie : December 10, 2017

    Love the photobooth idea!! I found a few sets of props on amazon for our holiday party, I bet they have wedding props too!

  • Amanda Joosten: December 03, 2017

    Love the disposable camera idea.

  • Hannah McCleary: December 01, 2017

    I love these ideas and my fiance and I cannot wait to use some of them for our reception!

  • Lora : December 01, 2017

    Awesome ideas! Only thing with disposable cameras is that the film will need to be developed. A bit more in costs but it could turn out great!

  • Amie: December 01, 2017

    I love the idea of the photo scanvenger hunt! With smart phones, there can be a clear winner with prize! So fun!

  • Erica: December 01, 2017

    Cool ideas!

  • Erica: December 01, 2017

    Disposable cameras are the best! Cool way to get candid shots.

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