It's That Time of Year Again...

Well, it’s that time of year again. The heat is starting to abate, pumpkin spice is making the rounds, and there’s a crisp chill to the air that hints at the coming autumn. The leaves are changing from vibrant hues of green to deep auburns, scarlets, and burnt yellows, while the smell of cinnamon, allspice, and woodsmoke is being carried on the chilled breeze. The sounds of the splashing of the ocean and the buzzing of the bees are giving way to the sounds of the crackling of flames and the groaning of furnaces. Finally, the summer has yielded to the cozy embrace of fall.

If you think that the wedding season ended with the summer heat, we've got good news: it hasn’t! For all you brides who are sad to have missed out on the green grass, colourful pastel blooms, and sunshine, we’re glad to remind you of all the charms of an cold-weathered wedding. 

The change in colour palettes.
While the corals, daisy yellows, turquoises, and mauves of summer will forever grace the warm wedding season, we at D&C love the deep plums, seductive scarlets, burnt oranges, and dark forest greens that accompany the drop in temperature. Think of bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen pocket squares, and decor!

(Stephanie William's Photography)

(Perfect Bridesmaid, Weddbook, The Bridal Link)

Flowers aren’t just for the warm seasons!
Out with daisies, tulips, and tigerlilies, and in with berries, thistles, twigs, and dark blooms. Think one part bristle and one part floral! These can be incorporated into bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and even hairpieces. We particularly like this flower crown from fellow Etsy store BohoHaloCompany, as well as this beautiful deep scarlet rose crown from KaticesBowtique. Bursting with the richness of a fall colour palette, these flower crowns are a great finishing touch. If you're more of an autumn-chic kinda gal, you might just love our Ianthe Hair Vine as much as we do! Whatever your taste, you can achieve the woodsy effect of foliage, whatever the temperature.

(Style Me Pretty, Burnett's Boards, Style Me Pretty)

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Shawls & Stoles & Shrugs, Oh My!
No sleeves? No problem! You don’t need to forego showing a little skin in favour of staying warm. Faux fur shrugs are a classic look that is still going strong. Looking for that sharp-edged fur look? Check out this natural-looking piece by RosaBridal for an authentic but cruelty-free shawl. Here at D&C we also have a collection of faux fur stoles, such as this one from our newest Fall & Winter 2016 collection. If you’re looking for something warm, soft, and with an enchanting touch of winter, this type of snow queen-esque accessory will do the trick.

(Davie & ChiyoCharlotte Wedding, Style Me Pretty)

Called to the Bar
While cucumber gin & tonics and raspberry mojitos perfectly complement those warm summer eves (and who doesn’t love an open bar!), weddings in the chillier seasons need not kiss alcoholic drinks goodbye. Instead, think a hot chocolate bar with splashes of peppermint schnapps to keep the guests happy! (Polar hot chocolate, anyone?) Chocolate, caramel, toffee, or mint-based liqueurs are great additions to both hot drinks and cold drinks alike (think rich flavoured martinis and cocktails). Mulled wines are just as popular, with their richly spiced red wine flavour. With this tasting palette, a crisp-weathered wedding is sure to be hit with guests!

(The Newport Bride)

Having a wedding in fall or winter comes with so many alluring possibilities: warm fairy lights, snowy shimmering decor, and reds, greens, oranges, and soft cozy brownsand best of all, warmth, comfort, and coziness (and really, really great comfort food!).

While summer will likely always be the most popular time of year for a wedding, we can’t deny the whimsical, enchanting, and altogether magical quality of saying your “I Do’s” under the falling leaves of a late October afternoon or under the starry, snowy skies of a December evening.

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