Ivy Schember's Once Upon a Time

Beautiful D&C bride Ivy Schember agreed to tell us all about her wedding day, her planning, and her pre-nuptial routine (spoilers: she's fabulous). Read on for the low down, and enjoy some pictures from her big day! Photos by Nicole Leever. Check out the Cleo Headband, Ivy's headband of choice, here!
D&C: How did you and Jared meet?   
Ivy Schember: Jared and I met several years prior to dating each other.  Jared managed a Valet and Parking operation for the property where the comedy club I manage is located.  We had a going away lunch for a girl that was leaving the property, and that started a weekly tradition of everyone getting together to eat lunch and visit.  After a couple fun lunches, I invited Jared to come over and watch this TV show that I was obsessed with because it was getting ready to start a new season...The Walking Dead.  After over a week of binge watching the show to catch up, we spent that Sunday night together and a new tradition began.  What can I say...zombies brought us together!
D&C How did you approach planning your wedding? 
Ivy: When we first got engaged, I was advised by several friends to not plan anything for 1 month.  I was honestly very happy that we both stuck to this because I think a lot of couples get lost in the process of planning, and they forget to enjoy the moment.  We tried to "divide and conquer" when it came to our wedding events and took it one event at a time.  For a lot of the decorations, I was always cautious of what could be reused and recycled.  Weddings can be very expensive and if you can get away with reusing the 50 candles that you only burned for 3 hours... DO IT!  No one will ever know.
We were sure that we wanted to get married somewhere outside and near the area where we met in Downtown Long Beach, California.  After going to a few venues, we went to check out The Reef because it was recommended by a few of our friends...and there was no turning back after that.  The Reef offered a Rooftop where we were able to have our Ceremony, and the background just so happened to be across the water, overlooking Downtown Long Beach.
Once you are able to pick your venue and date, everything that has been stressing you out falls into place.  A good trick is to try and seek out help from your wedding party and family.  For our cake tasting, we invited our parents to come along and voice their opinion.  The choices can sometimes feel very overwhelming, so it is good to get some other opinions to consider.  This process also helped to make it more fun for Jared because honestly, most men don’t care if the wedding cake has fresh fruit, custard, or Bavarian cream filling.  It also helps to make family feel more involved.  Yes, of course it should primarily be about the couple, but it is a huge event for the people that love you and incorporating them in these small things can make a big difference in the long run.  At the end of the day, we went with a fairly simple designed cake that offered 3 different flavours because your guests will remember what the cake tastes like, not what it looked like.
One thing that I was absolutely positive about was that I wanted to wear a long sleeve wedding gown, have my hair down, and be able to wear some sort of headpiece. I went to a Bridal Salon randomly to check out some Bridesmaids dresses, and they happened to have an opening, so luckily I was able to try on dresses as well.  After about 2 hours of trying on dresses and not feeling like finding a dress was going to happen, I got dressed and gathered my belongings to leave the Salon.  Right as I was about to walk out, the owner walked up with a dress that had just been delivered and had not even been put on a hanger.  As fate would have it, I tried on the dress and it was the one!
I ended up with a dress by David Tutera that had everything I could have asked for.
Finding a headpiece took more searching unfortunately.  With my skin tone and hair color, I wanted to wear something that was gold.  The majority of wedding accessories are silver, so I went to the one place I knew I could see variety…Etsy!  I found the most beautiful headpiece from Davie & Chiyo and fell in love.  I saved the page, and kept looking so that I could be sure.
A few weeks later, I found myself looking at Bridal Instagram accounts in the middle of the night and stumbled across a Bride with similar features as mine and had the look I was hoping for.  Julia Anne Higgs (@juliaannehiggs) was wearing a long sleeve dress, she wore her long brunette hair down, and also wore a headpiece that was delicate and gold!  I messaged her right away to see if she would be willing to share the details, and luckily she did.  Julia sent me the Etsy information for the same exact headpiece that I had saved a few weeks prior, and I knew that it was meant to be.  Cleo was ordered and shipped later that week.
D&C: What was your favourite part of your wedding day?
Ivy: My favorite part of our wedding day was the morning of.  When you work for months on a vision that you can only see in your mind, it is amazing to finally see it come to realization.  All of the little details truly come together and do not go unnoticed by your guests.
We were lucky enough to have my mother as our Florist and my only request was that there be a lot of candle light and white flowers.  She made each table different in its own way so that guests were not all looking at the same design.  2,000 white roses, 650 white hydrangeas, 300 calla lilies, and several other white flower varieties were used. One of my favorite tables had a Black Moor Goldfish that swam around in the vase…and those guys definitely stole the show!
One of the Bridesmaids had 10 pictures of Jared’s head blown up and printed, and our guests could not get enough of this at my Bridal Shower and at the Wedding.  It was hilarious to see people dancing and walking around with the Jared heads.  Some of the best photos from our wedding were taken with guests wearing the Jared heads.
D&C: What surprised you most about your wedding day?
Ivy: I was honestly surprised at the number of guests that had an emotional connection to our wedding.  The pressure of having a big event like this does drain you, but when your guests can’t stop saying how much fun they had and how amazing everything was…you know it was all worth the hard work.
We worked very hard to personalize little things for each guest and it did not go unnoticed.  For example, we had name/place cards and each one had a different animal that reminded us of each guest.  We added a sign that read, “Find Your Party Animal.”  There were couples that we set the animals up to match, we gave them their favorite animal if we knew what it was, and also thought what animal they might enjoy getting.  It was a very long process but in the end, it was very rewarding to hear how much our guests enjoyed it.
D&C: What was your pre-wedding routine? Did you get to relax and enjoy some champagne? Were you nervous?
Ivy: My pre-wedding routine started about 1 month early.  It is a day when all eyes are on YOU and the photos last a lifetime… so coming prepared was a must! I went and had weekly facials the month prior to the wedding to ensure my skin was as fresh as it could get.  I also did a juice cleanse 2 days leading up to the wedding because in the past I have noticed huge changes in my skin with that process.  The morning of our wedding…I cried my eyes out.  I told myself that NOW was the time because in a few hours ugly crying was not allowed.  One great joke my makeup artist Tasha Counts said was, “Thugs don’t cry” and it became something all the Bridesmaids and myself told each other when we started to lose it.
When I arrived at the venue, I was stress-free.  I worked for weeks with a group of amazing and creative women that helped in their own way to make our wedding was beautiful.  I was truly grateful for those late nights because when our wedding day came, everything was ready! Of course there are a few things here and there that slip through the cracks, which is why it is important to get as much as you can done in advance.  I did check in with our amazing Wedding Coordinator (Bergen Meyer from Palm + Pine Events) from time to time and I can honestly say that I was not really needed. I also tried to assign a few Bridesmaids and family to be the contact person for certain things to ensure that decisions could be made so I could enjoy the morning.
I had cards made for my Bridesmaids and family members, and I would write a few, cry, pull it together, drink some champagne, and just remind myself that this was a day to take in as much as I could.  I never felt nervous…I was too excited to see how everything was going to come together. 
D&C: What was it about Cleo that you loved? We're so happy that Cleo was the right headband for you—your whole look was so beautiful.
Ivy: I knew before I had even picked out my wedding gown that I wanted to wear something in my hair.  Unfortunately, every shop I went to only displayed headpieces that just seemed a little too distracting.  I wanted something that would add just enough and it took me a long time to find Davie & Chiyo’s Cleo headpiece.  When I came across a picture on Instagram of a Bride wearing it at her wedding, I knew that I had to find out where she purchased it from.
I loved that the Cleo headpiece was fancy and delicate.  It was something that added to my entire look, but did not take away from anything else.  It definitely adds an element of beauty whether you choose to wear your hair down or in an up-do.
I have long brown hair and really wanted to wear something gold because I think it just pops better with that color combo.  The thing that I appreciated most about this process was that Davie & Chiyo offered many different options.  You can order just about any item in Gold, Rose Gold, and or Silver…which makes it nearly impossible to not get exactly what you want.

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