Let's talk ultra violet

Don't you just love the annual announcement from Pantone? Hearing which beautiful colour Pantone has selected to be next year's Colour of the Year is something we look forward to more than... Pretty much every other announcement. State of the Union? Prime Ministerial address? Sorry, men in office, we're all about that colour scheming. (Maybe if Justin Trudeau took up wearing Ultra Violet ties, we'd be keener.)

Naturally, when these colours are announced, one of our first thoughts is "how could this fit into a beautiful wedding?" We love the announcement because it gives us a new challenge that we choose to incorporate into our practices (like our blue and pink garters a la last year's Rose Quartz and Serenity). It's such a fun ritual in an otherwise tumultuous time: we get to spend a few hours just thinking about purple! 

Here's what we've thought about so far! This is how we would incorporate Ultra Violet (18-3838) into a beautiful wedding day. 

Get figgy with it

Photos from Aisle Society, Etsy, and Invites Weddings.

Decoration! You can work Ultra Violet into your colour scheme with ease. Grapes and figs are delicious snacks (and are also super aesthetic). We love agate place markers, and they make great souvenirs! And how about working some lavender or heather into your florals, especially if they're native to your area? They smell SO good and are so pretty—mix in a little it of wild rosemary and you'll have gorgeous and fragrant centrepieces! 

Photos from Etsy and Pinterest.

How gorgeous are these purple dresses? We love the dark purple lace used sparingly for a lighter look. You'll notice some familiar purple flowers in this bouquet... It's clear we have a favourite! We can't get enough of that fresh picked, wild looking arrangement. 

We can't get enough of Ultra Violet

Photos of the Olira Hairpin, Nymeria Sash, and Olira Halo.

This is how we've worked purples into our newest collection! We love the subtle je ne sais quois that a little spruce of colour brings to an accessory, and this colour is absolutely perfect for fall! Don't forget that these could be yours (any day, of course) but even moreso if you enter our holiday giveaway, ending December 12! Find the details on this blog post.

What do you think? Do you love Ultra Violet as much as we do? Or can you absolutely not be bothered with this whole Pantone thing? Let us know! 

xo D&C



This palette would looks so good at a winery wedding!

Amanda Douglas December 11, 2017

Seeing this makes me wish I had gone with a jewel-toned theme for my wedding! Jewel tones and woodland! But, still happy with my slate blue and gold… hopefully with more gold accessories from Davie & Chiyo!

Melanie December 11, 2017

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