Meet the Designer: Jordanna Leah

We hope you've checked out our adorable new intimates! Along with our big dress launch, we also created new 2018 accessories (which are some of our best work yet, if we do say so ourselves) and brand new lingerie sets. Combinations of delicate and ethereal lace, fine meshes, and feminine silhouettes abound, we know we've got something special. We want to introduce you to our wonderful Jordanna Leah, the lady behind it all (and many, many other things in studio!). 

D&C: Tell us about yourself and how you wound up as D&C's Design and Production Manager!

Jordanna Leah: I guess that started in 2010 when I moved from my hometown of Prince George to Vancouver to study fashion. When I graduated I never imagined bridal would be my destination. I wanted to stay in the city so naturally wound up working in athletic apparel. That section of the industry shattered my rose-coloured glasses about fashion and apparel. However, when I moved on from it I knew I wanted to keep working within fashion but I knew that wherever I worked I wanted it to be a company that produces locally and ethically; somewhere that is both creative and technically challenging; and I wanted to work with a product I could really get behind, love, and mix with aesthetically.


The universe delivered and a posting for Davie & Chiyo came up within a couple months. The company checked all those boxes and the skills I learned in athletic wear allowed me to excel in a small company. So here I am a year and a half later still loving every day!


D&C: What is your role at D&C?

JL: Hahaha broad would be a good word to use! As design & production manager I get to dip my fingers in a little bit of everything from sourcing, costing, communicating with local producers and in-studio makers to collaboratively designing accessories, creating lookbooks and being on set at photoshoots. 

D&C: When designing the newest lingerie collection, what was your inspiration?

JL: For the first lingerie collection at Davie & Chiyo I was definitely inspired by the elements that made Davie & Chiyo the brand it is today. Delicate laces, cute prints and feminine silhouettes. A lot of the women who work for D&C, myself included, are an excellent representation our ideal brides so I designed for the kind of lingerie we'd want; pieces that make you feel sensual but comfortable. 

D&C: What kind of garment is your favourite to design/make? 

JL: Definitely bras! The options are pretty much endless, they waste so little fabric and there's nothing more satisfying than a bra that fits well and looks great.

D&C: What is your favourite piece from the new collection?

JL: That's such a difficult question! If I had to pick I'd probably say the Avery Chemise. Its cute enough for those 'getting ready' photos, sultry enough for your wedding night and comfortable enough to lounge in during your honeymoon. The button front and waist tie lets you make it as revealing or conservative as you want it to be.

D&C: What do you love about apparel design? 

JL: Its ever changing nature and the delicate balance between the creative and technical aspects. Apparel design never stops challenging and being fulfilling. Also there's something just so cool about developing a product from illustration, to flat pattern, to fully wearable garment. It sometimes still surprises me that its something I can do.

D&C: When you're not designing all of the cutest things my eyes have ever seen, what are you most likely to be found doing?

JL: Awww shucks! You'll probably find me in my favourite coffee shop, Aperture Coffee Bar, drinking copious amounts of tea, listening to podcasts and working on something else creative. I love to knit and paint! And the rest of my free time is spent with my cat George watching old movies. I'm kind of a cat lady. 

Jordanna is hands down our favourite cat lady. Thanks Jordanna! Now y'all have a better idea of the brilliant minds behind your next favourite lingerie set. Shop them here!

xo D&C

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