Meet the Team: April Van Woerden

What's your background? How did you join Davie & Chiyo?

I found D&C four years ago, after having had a custom clutch made to match my wedding dress. I began my time at D&C part-time as Social Media & Blogging Coordinator. Four years later, with a growing company and team, I am now General Manager and Creative Director of Davie & Chiyo.

What is the best part of your job?

I love working with a team of women! And I love working in fashion with beautiful things, dreaming up photo shoots, and being a part of the overall creative direction of Davie & Chiyo.

The Farrah Dress and the Simply Silk Sash

Featuring the Farrah Dress and the Simply Silk Sash.

What part of D&C's shop is your favourite? Anything you're excited about?

Dresses are our newest endeavour, and so far we've had a great time curating the collection, as well as an amazingly positive reception amongst bridal industry professionals and brides alike. Dresses are also really fun to shoot, so I'm really enjoying this aspect of our business. I also have come to adore our hand-wired hair accessories and sashes.

What is your favourite product, and how would you style it?

My wedding dress was strapless, with an a-line skirt, and rose gold sequin bodice from Truvelle. If I were to re-imagine my wedding day look today, 4 years later, I would wear our Farrah dress, with our Simply Silk Sash in ivory (for that dramatic bow!). In my hair, I would wear either go with the Edie Comb Set with gold marquis stones with the Edie Hairpins for my bridesmaids, or the Marilyn Comb Set and the Marilyn Hairpin Set for my bridesmaids.

The Edie and Marilyn Comb Sets

Featuring the Edie and Marilyn Sets, with some eucalyptus for good measure.

What tip for wedding planning would you share with the newly engaged?

I'd start with the typical: set a budget, set a timeline, have fun, and stay true to your own taste (and daydreams!). Don't worry so much about what friends and family want—it's about you and and your bae!

Also, I'd say to try to keep planning to one year max. The more time allotted to planning, the more time you have to hum and haw—and change your mind! Save yourself the hassle of planning multiple versions of your wedding, and start planning at the one year mark.

What did you learn from planning your own wedding?

You can ditch some traditions and expectations, in order to stay true to your vision, your personality, and your budget. No need to conform to the standard wedding dos and don'ts. (Unless you want to!)

Thank you April!

xo D&C

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