Minimal wedding gowns for fall

By Davie & Chiyo
Posted on October 12 2018

The leaves are falling, the chai lattes are flowing, Christmas is almost here! (Fine, Halloween first. We're just excited.) We've been spending time gathering ideas and recharging for the past few weeks—slowly assembling some vague picture of what our next collections will look like. This phase in designing, where we look to the other brilliant people working in this field, is so inspirational. It pushes us to want to design the most beautiful, well made pieces that we can, and with every collection cycle, we are proud to outdo ourselves. Anyways, we've been thinking a lot about the sleek, minimal designs of some gorgeous wedding dresses out there lately. High necks, sleeves, plain but fitted, sheaths—minimal dresses are totally having a moment. These are some of our favourites that we've come across in our Pinterest wandering.

Photos from Cosmo France, Charlotte Simpson (her collection is super minimal and absolutely beautiful! Check her out!), and Pinterest.

Stick with short sleeves

We love short sleeve dresses for a few reasons. They're just so cute. Little cap sleeves are super feminine, but longer, fitted sleeves are sophisticated but still fashionable. We love the tiny details on the mesh sleeve above—it's the little things like this that really stand out with a minimal dress. The sleeves add a layer of cool, laid-back fashion that is so perfect for low maintenance brides. The sleeveless, minimal dress is both refined and modest but stylish and chic. 10/10 for that cute ponytail, too!

Photos from Pinterest, featuring our Laurel Dress, and from Elle Spain.

Go billowy

Lots of minimal dresses are quite fitted—the idea is that the shape of your body will provide the "visual interest" that the lack of beading or detail may make obvious. We don't really subscribe to this idea. Any minimal dress will probably also look great if it's big enough to be billowing around in the wind. We love these pictured dresses, including the billowy, dramatic cape from Elle (let's just pretend that model isn't obviously 14?). The Laurel Dress adds special detail with its low back—ensuring that you don't wind up swimming and getting lost in its volume. Billowy dresses are so romantic—and comfortable!

Photos from Sebastian Luke, Hello Fashion Blog, and Pinterest.

Be dramatic

Minimal gowns can operate in different ways. Far from being restricted to some "boring" lane next to the realm of shiny, beaded, laced, flowy, diamond encrusted wedding dresses, you can totally do minimal and still be dramatic. Three easy approaches: go for a dramatic bow at the back which looks more sculptural than fussy; go for a super high slit on the side; or wear a plunging neckline. Sexy, attention grabbing, but also still refined and minimal.

Photos from Vogue, Alexandra Grecco, and Stone Fox Bride.

The ultra sexy slip

You really can't go wrong with a good slip dress. We love this cut dearly: it looks good one everyone, and is so low maintenance. This is a classic silhouette that brings with it a history of glamour, sophistication, and timeless beauty. You can easily dress it up or down, wear it long or short, and with heels or flats for a decidedly feminine, elegant look. If you're feeling really stumped, we recommend trying one of these classic slips: they're super sexy without all the fuss.

Thoughts? Are you a minimal wedding dress type? Who are your favourite designers right now? We'd love to see!

xo D&C


  • Alia Youssef: December 07, 2018

    I’m so excited to see your next collection, definitely in love with the minimal dress with small sleeves in your first set of photos. Those dresses are hard to find, but are such a elegant unique look.

  • Madison dombroski : December 07, 2018

    Beautiful styles. If I didn’t already buy my dress I would be tempted for a simple sleep style like these!

  • Janie Nowoselski: December 07, 2018

    Love minimal dresses year round. Too much dress hides the bride so I love this “minimal” type

  • Jennifer: December 07, 2018

    I think minimal dresses are always classy and they will always be in style!

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