Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Minimalism has been having something of a resurgence in recent years—from visual arts, to music, to interior design, to a broader lifestyle choice to pare down your belongings. Unsurprisingly, this trend has been reflected in wedding design, and it's one of our favourites.

Here's a few ideas for planning your own minimalist wedding. 

Minimal boutonnieres and florals

Photos from Jen Huang, Couple of Prague, and Splash of Silver.

Bows to line the aisle and gorgeous wreath backdrops

Photos from Allison Kuhn Photography, Marisa Albrecht, and Kate Holstein

Simple place settings, gorgeous minimal dress, and hanging stems.

Photos from Pronovias, and Miss Gen Photography.

It's all about paring down to clean, beautiful lines and cutting back on overwhelming patterns and colours. We love the clean, flat lines of the place setting, even with the gold statement forks, and the impressive train on the otherwise very minimal Pronovias gown. Less really is more, people!


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