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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love the idea of a New Year's Eve wedding and those who do not love to party. There is one understandable case for avoiding NYE nuptials: wouldn't you want your anniversary date to have its own important significance? While we're sympathetic to this idea (we'd never want our anniversary to fall on our birthday, for example—more fun holidays, not less!) we think there are far more great reasons to turn your nuptials into the holiday bash of the year.

NYE Wedding goals

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The best NYE plans ever

The first big reason is more a pragmatic one: how many times have you purchased tickets to a huge NYE bash only to show up and be disappointed? Either by the crowd, or the drinks, or the surprisingly lame DJ? There's a lot that can go wrong at a New Year's party that you don't plan for yourself. There's no way you'll be disappointed by your own wedding day. Two birds, one stone: a massive, year end party to celebrate all of the year past and the year to come, and, of course, your life as a married couple. The specifics will be tailored to you, though we are wholly in favour of a send off like the one above. If you use paper lanterns, which are always a crowd favourite, be sure to use them safely! (Also, we fully vote balloon drop for the countdown.)

Photos from Brides, Bridal Musings, and Pinterest.

Throw a huge party!

A great reason for a party? A wedding. Another great reason for a party? New Year's Eve. Combine the two and you've got all of those festive feelings you need to propel you into the new year. Bonus points because you could ostensibly throw an anniversary party as many times as you'd like to throw around your wedding clout year after year. Most people will have the day off the next day, and everyone will be in the mood to party! Be sure to have props on hand for the gold photobooth moments that are bound to take place. (Double bonus points if you can arrange childcare!)

Champagne tower

Photos by Julie Cate and Pinterest.

Sparklers, countdowns, all gold everything

 There's no better reason to go way overboard with the New Year's Eve and/or wedding decorations than a combination of the two. We love sparklers and gold confetti, big banners and themed drinks just as much as the next folks. So if you are at all inclined towards a white, gold, and/or silver colour scheme—what a perfect occasion! Call it a black tie event and amp up the glamour for your once in a lifetime party (the new Y2K?).

Blending NYE and your wedding day will likely be a stressful event—but just imagine the payoff. What better way to close out one year and ring in the next with the people you love most, and more champagne than you know what to do with?

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