Our favourite bridal garters

Pretty much everything about the origins of bridal garters is patriarchal and creepy. There's two main streams of thought: the first is that taking off the garter is meant to symbolize the bride relinquishing her virginity to her husband. The other thought is that snatching a piece of a bride's gown before the marriage is consummated (such a weird concept, too!), so the groom would take off the brides garter and toss it into the crowd, transmitting, supposedly, the same luck in love that the bride had. These are antiquated concepts, of course, but we still love us a great garter. They're fun, sexy, and it is hilarious, if a bit weird, to toss an undergarment into a crown of groomsmen. These are some of our favourites!

Our favourite garters

Photos from NAFE Studio, Pinterest, and the Adelia Garter.

There's a whole lot of flat lace garters out there. We love garters that get away from that trend in some way—be it more intricate floral detailing, the light, airy lace, or something that departs altogether: beaded, gilded, or crystal garters. 

Photos from the Ilse, Mireya, and Zosia Garters.

We also love garters that embrace a "less is more" mentality. Super elaborate florals like above are totally fabulous, but it's also nice to have simple, classic options. The Mireya Garter is a beautiful peachy blushy pink which is so feminine and soft, which we love, and the central flower is the perfect amount of dazzle.

Something blue

Photos from the Briony Garter, Riana Lisbeth Photography, and Pinterest. 

 The Briony Garter is one of our best sellers. It's constructed in such a way that the lace creates a soft wave in the structure. This asymmetry adds a unique spin to the garter and we are huge fans. D&C bride Tara wears the Eva Garter, as captured by Riana Lisbeth. It's simple and sexy. We also love blue garters, because you can satiate the whole 'something blue' thing at the same time!

SO: long story short, while the traditions that propelled garters to be mainstays at North American weddings are antiquated, patriarchal, and a little bit perverse (imagine your new groom running outside with your garter before you've even—ahem—consummated the marriage to throw it into a crowd to prove that he's made it *this far*... no thanks!), we love these sexy little numbers for what they represent today. To us, they're all about self esteem, ownership and determination of you own sexuality, and expressing your unique style. Check out more of our favourite lingerie on our Pinterest board!

Happy holidays everyone! Can't wait to see you in the new year! (And congratulations to all you lucky people that will get engaged over the Christmas holiday!)

xox, D&C

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