Our Favourite Summer Bridesmaid Looks

By Megan Jenkins
Posted on July 12 2017

We cannot get enough of these gorgeous crocheted, short, pastel coloured bridesmaid dresses that we're seeing everywhere these days. Summertime welcomes the opportunity to stray from tradition with your wedding looks, both as a bride and bridesmaid. Here's a few ways to break the mould and stay cool (and look cool) while doing it.

Bridesmaid dresses don't have to be boring!

Photos from A Practical Wedding, Style Me Pretty, and South Bound Bride!


The texture of your bridesmaid dresses should not be overlooked! This is a great option for brides that want to theme the dresses by colour, but not actually make her bridesmaids wear the exact same dresses. Same tones, varying textures—dresses like these always look fabulous together. You seriously cannot go wrong. 


Summertime begs shorter dresses. We may not all live in the middle of the continent where temperatures regularly hit the 40s (celsius—is that around 95 F?) but it's always better to have a little breeze on a hot wedding day, especially if you're standing outside! These short dresses are adorable and still look decidedly bridesmaid-esqe. Stylish, appropriate, and comfy—we're in!


Have you been loving the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend as much as we have? Variations on a tone are so much more visually pleasing than straight up monochromatics. If your wedding colours are, say, baby blue and light grey, let your bridesmaids pick colours between baby blue, light grey, and light beige or off white. You'll have a perfect palette to bridge your two colours, and your bridesmaids will get to wear a colour they love.

Consider a two piece set!

Photos from South Bound Bride, Deer Pearl Flowers, and Wedding Chicks


Since the beginning of time, white has been reserved for the bride. But remember when we investigated the background of "something borrowed" and found out it was super patriarchal and conservative, and was all about virginity and the promise of babies soon to follow the wedding? White has been reserved for the bride for many of the same reasons. Consider sharing the love with your bridesmaids (or entire bridal party) this summer. White is so much cooler, and you cannot deny how amazing a beautiful group of women donning white look together. Think about it!


Don't forget about matching (or mismatched) sets! A gorgeous top and skirt can rank even higher on the comfort scale. Brides should consider this one too! Wearing sets to your wedding is becoming more and more popular, and we've gotta say, we're on board with it. 


Flats. Just consider them. Especially for hot days when feet will inevitably be swelling and sweating in the heat. 'Nuff said. 

How did you survive summer weddings? Got any tips? Share! We've got weddings galore this summer and are stressin' about what to wear. Taking some of our own advice here... Will report back.

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