Our Favourite Vintage Wedding Rings

The great thing about vintage rings is the variety available: while contemporary rings change from season to season with trends, save for a few steadfast classics, looking to the past for engagement rings, wedding bands, or everyday jewelry presents a cross section of all of the amazing styles that have come before. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires—beautiful, colourful stones that were far more a mainstay in the 60s, 70s, and 80s then they are today. For the bride that's a little more eclectic, or wants a ring with a little history and pizazz, a vintage ring might be the perfect option.

Vintage rings in some cases are also more affordable than brand new rings, too, because they're being resold. Of course, if a massive ruby is set among a dozen perfect colourless diamonds, that vintage ring will still cost you. But so much of the charm of the vintage ring isn't only based in the stone—it's the setting, the tone of the metal, and the band-work. 


Featured are the Theron, Bouvier, and Barrymore Vintage Rings. 

We like to bring vintage rings into our shop because we love the history that these rings have seen—and we love that they're one of a kind, as far as we can tell. We try to strike a balance between modern sensibilities and vintage charm, but sometimes, we find a gorgeous emerald ring (which you'll see in the shop soon!) and we just can't help ourselves. Give us all the vintage vibes!


We found these on Pinterest. The only one we could track down is the last one, and you can view it here

You can always find vintage rings online: shops like us, or shops on Etsy, for example, have an abundance of vintage rings to offer. But we humbly admit that not much can beat stumbling across the perfect ring in an antique shop, or an oddities shop in your city. If you're lucky, the owner may even know where it came from. Then, finding your perfect ring becomes part of its story, and your story, too. 

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