Our favourite winter wedding trends

Winter weddings occupy a special place in the world of wedding lore. Can you think of anything picturesque—nay—fairytale-esque than an icy white gown against a snowy backdrop lit with tiny tea-lights? We honestly can't. 

Opting for a winter wedding is not without compromise, of course, the primary concern being: it's cold outside! If you want to capitalize on your winter wonderland, you'll have to make some design and sartorial choices that will keep you from freezing solid by the end of the night (or by the end of your photography session!). 

As always, special circumstances necessitate purpose built accessories, and we are a huge fan of well made, functional, and gorgeous wedding day looks. In fact, faux fur shawls were one of the first products we offered, almost ten years ago! 

Fuzzy, long lasting, and warm. Can we possibly ask for anything more? 

Read on for our five favourite winter wedding trends (faux fur inclusive)!

Photos from the new Chana Marelus.

Voluminous Skirts

There's no better time for a big, voluminous skirt than the winter. Why? First, well, you can probably guess: they're warmer. A full skirt, especially in a super soft poly-blend or crepe or satin, will keep you warm and comfortable all night.

This also speaks to our inner Disney princess again. Winter time is not the time to bring out sexy, slinky, see-through gowns—opt for big, dramatic ballgowns that you can use to hip-check your gals on the dance floor. You can't go wrong, and what better excuse than an amazing winter wedding day to be as sassy and extra as you'd ever dream of being?

Gorgeous photos from Inspire Styling.

Icy White

Winter weddings are the time to take "white dress" to the point of absurdity. Blushy gowns and ivory outfits are better suited to summertime and autumn weddings! A clean, icy, pure white so bright it almost burns your eyes is the perfect accoutrement to a gorgeous snowy outlook. 

Unlike ivory and blush, an icy white complements just about every skin tone beautifully. We recommend a gorgeous unlined lace panel to contrast with your skin, or a beautiful and graceful train to emphasize your silhouette as you walk down the aisle. 

We're in camp "go big or go home," so we'd also recommend a gorgeous pair of white heels, a delicate manicure, and an abundance of white flowers and tea-lights. Surely, the woodland creatures (or... pigeons?!) will help you prepare!

Photos of our Courcheval Shawl and First Frost Fur Stole, both linked just below!

Faux Fur

There are so many different ways to wear faux fur. Its versatility makes it perfect for brides hoping to emulate Snow White in her most idyllic incarnation, but also perfect for edgy, minimal, modern brides who just need a little extra layer.

We'd never want to produce real fur wraps, so beautiful and carefully sourced faux fur bridges the gap. The high quality faux furs we use ensure that they do actually keep heat in—making sure that you'll be warm enough to enjoy yourself if you're spending any time in a chilly environment. This is such a mood killer that brides very often overlook; even an outdoor autumn wedding can have you feeling the chill. Don't take the chance! Investigate a cozy faux fur when planning your look.

We love our more substantial furs, like the amazingly luxurious Courcheval Shawl, which is so cozy you could fall asleep on it at the end of the night. This shawl is made in the style of a classic mink shawl, but of course, with none of the cruelty.

Alternatively, we love the dainty, fairytale feeling of our First Frost Fur Stole. It rests gently around your shoulders with a hidden clasp in the centre, and drapes so delicately to show off your shoulders and collarbone. Warm and chic? Yes. Please.

Featuring our Sasha Box Clutch and our Adelaide Clutch.

Adorable Clutches

Clutches are part-and-parcel of the faux fur get-up. So functional and so amazing to have on hand, we love a good clutch for your wedding day. While they are great year round, there's a special affinity that clutches seem to have for a beautiful and chilly winter day. Layered white laces, textured and full of character, add so much to a classic fairytale feel. 

Clutches are generally considered very feminine, as well. This makes them a perfect addition for any princess-bride. With a big beautiful bow, our Classic Bow Clutch will set you firmly up there with all the Disney princess greats. 

We also love clutches, like our Sasha Box Clutch or our Pretty Pleats Clutch, as gifts for your bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids wear pink dresses in the same colour but different styles, using a clutch as a common thread to bring the outfits together is a surefire success. Then they'll also have a place to hide their lipsticks and phones all evening!

Featuring our Solene Gown, Alta Moda, and ELW.

Long Sleeves

The no-brainer must-have for any winter wedding are beautiful, elegant, long sleeves. Lace sleeves are a classic go-to for a million reasons, the most important being that they are so gorgeous. But don't overlook a bell sleeve, or a more billowy silhouette! These can not only be warmer, but they're totally unexpected. Channel your inner Elvira and take a chance with super fashion forward sleeves. That's our two cents!

If sleeves make you feel restricted, consider a gorgeous cape either as an accessory or as part of your gown. Our Solene Gown is all about dramatics while also providing a floor length, built in, cozy blanket for dancing in and bundling yourself up in just the same. 

Did you have a winter wedding? What was your must have? Let us know below!

PS—our next blog post considers how to keep your guests happy at your winter wedding. Stay tuned!

xo D&C

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