Preparing for Your Fittings and Alterations

We've got dresses on the brain. Seriously, September cannot possibly come fast enough! We can't wait to host you beautiful brides in studio to try on our brand new collection, and to get all dressed up with veils and earrings and sashes and... everything! We're so excited about seeing D&C brides wearing our gowns. 

These days, we're doing lots of prep in studio—from dress design to art direction of our amazing new photoshoots (get ready for those!) to wondering about scaling up our studio—big things are on the horizon for us here at Davie and Chiyo. And we are so happy to have you along for the ride!

This blog post is all about making sure your dress fittings and alterations appointments go as smoothly and as successfully as possible. You should think about these appointments almost as a dress rehearsal, making an effort to get the whole picture in place. This way, you know exactly what to expect and you know you'll be happy. 

Gorgeous lace top and silk skirt!

Photo from Teale Photography, and the seamstress that worked on this dress is Romantic Creations Bridal.

1. Basics!

This one is big. Bring the undergarments you're planning on wearing on your big day. If you haven't selected them yet, bring something that you think might be close. The closer that the alterations team and you can get to your day-of look during the alterations process, the better! 

If your dress is a little sheer, or a little thin, or even just a curve-hugger, you're probably best off to wear seamless nude underwear. You can pick a pair up from Victoria's Secret or La Senza for cheap, and then buy your real pair later on, if you want. Similarly, make sure you're got the right bra—seamless? Strapless? Balconette? Stick on? Backless? Get on this early, and bring them to your appointments if you can. It makes a huge difference in your impression of how you will look on your wedding day. None of that "well, pretend you can't see this underwire, because I'll be wearing a different bra on the wedding day," stuff! You're inviting uncertainty! 

2. Heels!

Same deal! The seamstress won't be able to hem your dress correctly without the exact height of your heels on your feet. Again, if you haven't found your exact wedding shoes yet, no biggie! But if you know you're wanting to keep them around three inches, grab a stand in pair. Get as close as you can to the real deal.

3. Relax.

Alterations can be freaky. We won't lie. When your dress is first delivered, it may not fit you at all like you thought it would. This is because, of course, it hasn't been tailored to you yet. Try to keep your cool, communicate what you want clearly and concisely, and listen to your seamstress. If she says something can't be done, or suggests another kind of bustle, listen, and consider. Things may take you slightly off of your assumed course during alterations, but it's almost always for the best—your seamstress knows exactly what she's doing, and as long as she knows what you want, this process should be laid back and yield the perfect results.

4. Snacks!

Bring granola bars. Trust us. The last thing you want to do is wind up hangry at a dress fitting. These appointments can be stressful (see number 5) and you want morale to stay as high as it can—this is your wedding, after all! We want you to enjoy yourself. The best way to do that is to come prepared.

5. Support!

Who is coming with you to your fitting? Choose your team carefully. Do you feel obligated to invite your soon-to-be sister-in-law, but find she's got an especially blunt way of speaking when it comes to how your arms look in strapless dresses? Does she really think you should've gone with ivory instead of blush? 

Leave those people at home. You chose your dress because you love it (hopefully), and again, try to keep stress levels low whenever you can. If you have even a tinge of anxiety about inviting someone to your fitting, think hard about what that feeling tells you, and decide, if you think it's right, to leave them out. Appointments usually run an hour and a half, or two hours long, so be sure that your team is there for the long haul. 

The moral of the story is: be prepared! Your alterations appointments (you'll likely have three or so, depending on how far off your wedding is) can be a super fun and rewarding experience—and the way to best achieve that is by minimizing potential obstacles (isn't that true of all of life, though)? 

Any other tips for making sure your appointments go smoothly? We'd love to hear about them! Check out some major dress inspo over on our Pinterest

xo D&C

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