Scottish Highlands Wedding Inspiration

Have you visited Scotland? If you have, what comes to mind is probably the gentle rolling hills and craggy cliff sides, crashing waves off the coast and the beautiful, elegant architecture in the cities. Scotland doesn't often seem to be included in lists of the world's most romantic places, but this is an oversight we fervently oppose. The quiet of the countryside, the greenery, the history—a Scottish wedding, destination ceremony, or elopement is really hard to top. 

Here is some of our favourite Scottish wedding inspo—for both Scots and travellers alike! (Also: kilts? Yes.)

The backdrop

In our books, Scotland is easily tied up there with the ever-revered Iceland for the most beautiful place on Earth. The highlands offer incredible expanses of rich colours and—our favourite—beautiful, naturally occurring heather. Spots like the Isle of Skye are perfect for an intimate elopement—these photos prove it! Retire after a chilly ceremony atop a bluff to the nearby inn for a dram of the world's finest whiskey and some fireside lovey-dovey talk and call it a glorious wedding day. Truly, we want for nothing.

A romantic highland getaway

Photos by some of our favourite photographers, The Kitcheners

The history

Scotland's rich history is present in every aspect of the country. The castles, obviously, are a fundamental part of that feeling (you can definitely get married in tons of castles, if that floats your boat), but this reverence for tradition and the past and the beauty of the present resonates in every immaculate field and beach, in every hotel and every church. If your family comes from Scotland, even if you've never visited before, the country draws you in with a clear sense of what it represents—making you feel at home with no trouble at all. Being immersed in such a rich culture for your wedding day creates a feeling and a fondness that will stay with you.

The history of Scotland is endlessly rich.

Photos by The Kitcheners (again!), and Laura Gordon.

 The atmosphere

It may be hard to quantify, but we all know that atmosphere is one of the most important parts of a wedding (or, in more comfortable terms, the vibes). Scotland is a land of mystery and romance, and this atmosphere is perpetuated by every dimly lit, smoky bar, by every set of ruins still somehow preserved despite the rain, and yes, by the rain itself. Scotland is a place for the hopelessly in love and the adventure seekers alike, especially those that don't mind a little chill. 

The atmosphere in Scotland is one you'll never forget.

Photos by The Kitcheners, and the Hendrys.


'Nuff said? This is especially big if you do have some Scottish heritage. Of course, couples just visiting the country skip the kilts all the time, but there's the option of undertaking this distinct cultural practice. Did you know that the tradition of kilts dates back to the 16th century, when they were worn as full-length garments by Gaelic speaking men in Scotland? It's true, they're not just popular because tartan is so adorably Scottish (obviously). 

Sunshine in Scotland

Photos by Caro Weiss.

Look! Proof that there's even some sunshine in Scotland. And, of course, this doesn't even get into the architecture... Perhaps you'll find a list of our favourite wedding venues in Scotland up on ye olde blog in the future! (As if we could narrow it down.)

xo D&C

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