Seriously Sexy Bridal Lingerie

There's so much that goes into a spectacular wedding day—but what about after the wedding day is over (or more specifically, what about your wedding night)? Pop culture tells us that you've got to save some energy for your first romp as a married couple (but realistically, it's cool to crash hard after a long, intense day, and just bring something cute on your honeymoon if you feel like it!). Here are a few gorgeous white or nude lingerie sets to consider for your big night. 

Can't go wrong with bridal whites!

Photos from Simply Be and ASOS.

Body suits: the historically underrated and spectacularly sexy lingerie option. The classic corset is also a surefire success. The key with the corset is ensuring a snug fit through the bust—which means it's often best to try it on in person, unless ordering online is highly customizable (and you've got some precise measurements). 

Love these gorgeous balconette bras.

Photos from La Perla.

We need to talk about La Perla. Is everything gorgeous? Yes. Is everything exquisitely made? Yes. Is everything insanely expensive? Yes. For the most part. Your bridal lingerie does not need to be an investment, but most experts we've chatted with over the years have said that frankly, they're worth the cash. It's such a special occasion, and girl, you deserve that Chantilly lace if you feel like it. 

Lacy lingerie is so romantic!

Photos from The Thaleia Robe, BHLDN, and Anthropologie

We love a good robe or strategically sexy set. Your wedding lingerie is not limited to the set you wear when you-know-what goes down—it's the garters you choose, the robes you lounge in, what you wear under your dress (of course), and what you want to feel the most comfortable in. The Thaleia Robe is a sheer and sexy piece to wear over your wedding lingerie, and BHLDN is an amazing option for brides on a budget—honestly, amazing. Anthropologie also seriously knows how to wield some mad lace. How cute is this sweet, frilly set? 

Putting on a wedding is as much for your guests (if not a little more) than it is for you. Is everyone enjoying themselves? Has weird Aunt Karen started any problems? Is the bridal party drinking too much? 

Your lingerie is for you. The purchasing process should involve hours spent on Pinterest and will hopefully be a fun, sexy adventure that will make you feel comfortable and confident whenever you choose to wear it. 

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