Short Dresses for the Perfect Summer Wedding

It was 26 degrees celsius in Vancouver over the weekend, and we were floored. This city, which has been the site of a six month deluge, finally letting the light in? We frankly didn't think it was possible. 

All of this heat has got us thinking about summer wedding planning—or destination planning in hot, hot places. When we think of wedding dresses, the floor length gown is the first thing to come to mind... But what about those adorable short dresses that let you dance the night away in comfort? Here's a little bit of inspo we found during our rounds on our favourite bridal websites.

First, we found an amazing collection of tea length wedding dresses at True Bride. These are all from the Brighton Belle collection! Gasp! We die!

Tea length and perfectly retro. We love these!

Too good, right?

These next few gowns are some serious favourites, too. We weren't able to find sources for the third image, but the other ones are from Atelier Eme,, and Marie Laporte. 

Modern short dresses! 

Short dresses are a fun and exciting way to spice up your wedding. Plus: no fighting your skirt while dancing, no overheating, no having your train stepped on by an unwitting flower girl...

What do you think? Would you wear a short dress for your wedding?

xo D&C

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