Socially Distanced Wedding Celebration Ideas

Sup babes? We're back in action here at D&C HQ. 

It's been a year since COVID-19 showed up in Vancouver and we had to adjust to a brand new way of living and working. Since then, we've got pretty good at managing this new normal—and so have you! 

Getting married during a global pandemic brought out some serious creativity in engaged couples, and we wanted to share a few of our favourite examples.

Although we're hopefully headed back to the land of hugs and indoor gatherings, the wait isn't over yet. These brides, however, found a way to make their wedding day special—and socially distanced.

Livestream your wedding to include more family and friends

Photos from Kindred Events, Hill City Bride, and Pinterest. 

Livestreamed Wedding Ceremony

Livestreaming wedding ceremonies was probably only a few years off normal in any case; this wide reaching, budget-friendly mode of sharing your special day was given extra steam by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Before you write this socially distant wedding idea off as tacky, consider the potential. Livestreaming your wedding has applications that reach far beyond our current climate. For grandparents too old to travel, or destination weddings that simply can't accommodate 150 guests—there's no need to worry.

This mode is also budget friendly. You may opt to hire a professional videographer to handle the tech and set up a beautiful, sleek camera rig, or you can just put a laptop on a chair and set up a Zoom call.

Flexibility is what makes this tech so powerful, and it's undeniable that lil ol' Zoom has serious potential to bring us all much closer together. 


Wedding drive by parade

Drive By Wedding Celebration

But what about after the ceremony? Normally, there'd be a reception full of bubbles and jubilation. Nowadays, it's illegal to be indoors with anyone other than your household. 

Solution? A drive by wedding celebration.

To be clear: it is not legal to gather in large groups and we would never suggest you act in an unsafe manner. COVID-19 is no joke. 

But if you're taking all necessary precautions, consider finding a central location for your very nearest and dearest to gather for just a few minutes. Rent yourself a cute little car, or hire a cab or a town car, and pull up to your chosen spot. 

Ask your family to gather around (but keep their own distance!), hop out of the car and pose for photos. Pull out some balloons, set the car radio to play some good tunes, roll out a little vintage rug to complete the mood, and have a little dance. Then, see the joy in the faces of your family, all gathered round. 

Or, like the above photos, request an orderly but festive parade that brings all of your guests to you in the safety of their own vehicles. So sweet. 

It's quick, it's safer than gathering indoors (though you should still keep your numbers small!), and you'll remember those smiling faces forever. 


Just Married Car Rental for your wedding!Photos from Rock My Wedding, Junebug, and Abigail Lewis.  


Wedding Day Driving Tour

There are lots of folks that justifiably don't feel comfortable meeting even outdoors, even just close family. We should all be respectful of those wishes. 

For those of us lucky enough to have family and friends nearby, keeping a safe distance doesn't preclude you from celebrating together. Enter: the celebratory tour. Spoiler: this one involves you driving an adorable rented car, too.

Think about it. Does your new husband love Porsche 911s from the 70s? Does your new wife have a real soft spot for old Mini Coopers? Have you got a new spouse that, against their better judgement, loves clunky old VW vans? Now is the time to rent one! 

Book in advance and pick your car up for your wedding day family tour. You can go full Santa Claus Tracker a la NORAD with constant location updates and a well planned itinerary, or just wing it. Pull up to your grandparent's house and spend a few minutes at the end of the drive twirling in your gown and posing for photos. Then, back in the car, and off to your next stop!

We're positive that most newlyweds don't imagine their wedding day to be spent in a car, driving around. But our families and friends are the most valuable things we have; in a world where they can't be with us during our ceremonies, it may feel like an absolute dream to cruise around, listening to your favourite tunes, making the day of every person you visit. 

A tour like this is a great way to demonstrate to your family how much they mean to you. Even if you can't be together, you're still close. 

Are you planning a COVID-19-safe wedding? Can you believe we've been doing this for a full year?! Let us know in the comments!

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