Spring 2020 alternative bouquet trends

The new year is upon us, and we're looking ahead to the warmer days of spring. Spring weddings will always hold a special place in our hearts—they're a time to mark new growth and the return to that full-colour world á la The Wizard of Oz that we're so used to in the summer and fall months.

We also love spring because all of those beautiful blooms we've missed all winter are finally coming back into season, which lend themselves to some seriously gorgeous bouquets.

It's not all white roses and conventional bouquets, though. We've spotted a few amazing looking trends on the rise through 2020, and we're so excited. Here are our picks for the most gorgeous alternative bouquet trends for next year.

Minimal bouquet Vancouver wedding accessories

Photo from Michelle Beller.

Minimal bouquets

Bouquets are so often assumed to be icons of bounty and abundance, but they don't need to be. Have you considered carrying only a few beautiful flowers down the aisle? Perhaps carry one flower representing each person in your family, or representing a series of values you ascribed to. Leave the stem longs and carry them cradled across your arm, and lay them at the altar or backdrop while you get married. That way, the people you are representing will have been right there with you, regardless of their real life proximity.

We love this option for elopements, brides on a budget, or brides that have lost people who were very important to them. Not only is this option beautiful, it is more affordable and still so meaningful.

Kaylee Chelsea Dried Flowers Bouquet Vancouver

Photo from Kaylee Chelsea.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are having a moment. The unique look of dried flowers updates any bouquet with an unexpected look of texture without sacrificing beauty. Be sure to collaborate with your florist on what plants they think will look best, as not every flower dries equally. Grab some thistles and different lengths of grasses to fill out the bouquet, and you'll be the belle of the desert ball.

We also love dried flowers because when sourcing through a florist, they may be professionally prepared with glycerin and a dehydrator. This means that those flowers will stay gorgeous forever, barring any catastrophic accidents (like bumping or dropping them). Save a few, or the whole bouquet, and frame it in a shadowbox frame to hang in your home. 

Cascading floral bouquet

Photo by Retrospect Images.

Cascading florals

Can you think of anything more dramatic than cascading florals and vines? This big pop of colour will move and sway with you as you walk down the aisle, and brings such a gorgeous touch of femininity and abundance to your wedding day look. Make sure your florist does the stems up firmly so they don't stress under the extra weight of the dangling flowers. 

Greenery bouquet

Photo found at Emma Loves Weddings.

Greenery only

Greenery-only bouquets are also having a serious moment! Pick a series of rare grasses and vines or stick with what is native to your region for a beautiful and amazingly fragrant bouquet. We are seriously in favour of just carrying several beautiful cedar bows with you, if you're ethereal like that.

Dried greenery bouquet Vancouver

Photo from Florist Loveland.

Bleached greenery

Think greenery accents, but bleached. We have no idea how florists bleach greenery (let us know below if you do!), but we do know how gorgeous and unique the resulting colour and aesthetic is. Combine with dried florals for some serious whimsical vibes.

Monochromatic bouquet pink Vancouver

Photo by Floral Magic.

Monochromatic bundles

Have you ever seen a bouquet so striking and beautiful? Monochrome bouquets are a seriously unexpected take on a conventional bouquet. We recommend selecting 3 to 4 different shades of a specific colour to add just a bit of variation; and be sure to select several different textures or varied sizes in your blooms to be sure the bouquet still looks variegated. Ask your florist for suggestions!

Sun palms and pampas grass bouquets

Photos by the Forwards.

Pampas grass and sun palms! 

The ultimate complements to a beautiful bouquet? Pampas grass and sun palms! You've seen them before, we know you have—these accoutrements have been mainstays on social media for several years now. They both bring such a gorgeous flourish to any bouquet—they're our absolute favourite finishing touch.

What do you think of these trends? Would you ever carry bleached greenery? Check out our Pinterest Board for more inspo! And PS: in Vancouver, our favourite florists are Celsia and Hana by Celsia

xo D&C

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