Spring is here! Have some picnic wedding inspo...

We're not so sure about our friends in the rest of the world, but it's only been in the last few weeks in Vancouver that the sun has really come out. All of our recent sunny afternoons spent outside, relaxing on our favourite picnic blankets with friends and food have got us all worked up about freckles, tans, and the gorgeous summer to come. Naturally, it also got us thinking about the beautiful spring and summer weddings that are about to go down! This week's blog theme follows suit: we wanted to suss out the best ways to incorporate those laid back, casual afternoon picnic vibes into a beautiful ceremony and reception. 

Skip the chairs

Photo from Style Me Pretty and Deer Pearl Flowers (lots of great inspo here!).

This one, honestly, didn't pop into our heads until we started doing photo research. Set out a bunch of blankets (maybe even have guests bring their own!) with a bottle of sparkling water, some flowers, and little fans or parasols for your guests to use while you're, you know, getting hitched. Provided the day isn't too hot, this is an adorable and super low cost way to host your ceremony. For guests that may not want to sit on the grass or who may have a hard time with it (i.e. grandmas?), set out a few cute thrifted chairs or purchase a hay bale or two and set up a row along the outside of the front of the ceremony space so that you don't block everyone else's line of sight.

Easy snacks for the reception

Photos from Pinterest.

You guessed it—going into full picnic mode means finger sandwiches and lemonade! We love this idea so much for how adorable it is and for how much money you can save. Serve snacks family style on the same picnic blankets, or set up low key serving tables for people to linger around and hang out. Just beware bumble bees and sunstroke! 

Cute favours and florals

Photos from Green Wedding Shoes, Spell Designs, and Style Me Pretty.

On the topic of sunstroke, stash some tiny bottles of sunscreen in your gift bags, or at each blanket (bug spray isn't a terrible idea either). Keep in the same vein for florals—wildflowers and locally foraged goods are perfect for this scenario. Just don't get caught picking them from the wrong person's garden! We also love little jars of bubbles for your recession—leave a little bubble solution and a few wands at each table or blanket, and a satchel of flower petals for guests to toss! 

Spritzy cocktails!

Photos from Bloglovin', Pinterest, and Tumblr

This is admittedly our favourite part—lemonades, spritzes, French 75s abound! Depending on how small your nuptials are, this could also be a decidedly laid back set-up—maybe even the serve-yourself kind. Keep in step with the newly blossoming flowers and get festive about it! Find a few more spring cocktail ideas here.

Two words: fairy lights

Photos from The Knot, Simone Anne, and Style Me Pretty.

No explanation needed. Well. Fairy lights are a beautiful, aesthetic, and often affordable option to decorate your reception as day slides into night. One thing to bear in mind: you'll need either a line to electricity via extension cables, battery packs, or a generator set up. Often, you can find space in well maintained parks with community centres—these are the ones that usually have washrooms and barbecue pits, too. Alternatively, host this picnic party in someone's backyard for easy access (and privacy!).

What are your thoughts? We think this is an adorable and potentially super affordable way to celebrate spring on your wedding day. Too good. Do you have any other tips?

xo D&C



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