Springtime bridal trends we're loving lately

Happy March, friends! Spring is just around the corner for us here in Vancouver, and as you might imagine, we are all atwitter about up and coming bridal trends for this season. From all of our bridal fashion week research (our favourite time of year), we picked out a few of our favourite trends to be on the lookout for this spring (well, this year). Whether you're looking around for fun, or you're shopping for a 2020 springtime wedding, this post is for you!

Spring is so important to mythology and popular culture for obvious reasons: it's a kind of rebirth. We've hibernated all winter, and now the sun rolls back around to hang with our hemisphere, and we feel like brand new people. Flowers bloom, ice melts, and rivers rise—how could you not love this time of year? These are the feelings that our springtime bridal trends emulate: from relaxed hair and makeup to accessories that will surely make you feel like a Disney princess, these trends should make you feel ethereal, refreshed, and ready for anything. (And stylish.)

Effortless bridal hair looks

Photos from Pinterest, featuring our Saoirse Draped Veil by Inga Avedyan, and from Barefoot Blonde.

Effortless hair 

Long gone are the days of shellacked, stuffy updos or elaborately braided hair. As you might have been able to guess, our M.O. is exactly the opposite: inspired by the wildness of pacific northwest flora, our favourite looks are all about whimsy with just a bit of dishevelment. Not only is effortless hair usually an easy, quick job for a hair stylist, it also means you can dance the night away without worrying about if your braid has begun to fray. This trend is all about letting you be in the moment—and not about checking your updo in a compact mirror or enlisting your MOH to specifically be on Hair Watch. We love a great centre part with long hair worn down; or a loose, romantic chignon for this trend. Go full mermaid, we dare you.

Light bridal makeup 

Photos from Pinterest and Real Simple.

Light makeup

Light makeup is all about letting yourself shine. You should always wear what you feel most comfortable in, and if that is a lot of makeup, then we support that wholeheartedly, but we encourage brides and grooms to consider going light on the makeup this year. After all, your partner isn't marrying you for what you look like in three layers of eyeshadow and lipstick—they love you makeup free, and when you are most yourself. This look was so popular on runways this year, and like wearing an effortless hairstyle, will keep you from having to touch up your lipstick after every kiss, or toting around a foundation refresher in your clutch. Space is at a premium in there, after all! Light eye makeup with a waterproof mascara is also a great option for you emotional folks out there (we are also among your ranks!) so when the tears inevitably come, you won't lose all of your makeup artist's hard work!

Pared down gowns

Photos from Pinterest and featuring our Farrah Gown.

Pared down gowns

Pared down gowns are all the rage this year. This doesn't mean necessarily minimal gowns, or that you should skip the dramatics—a pared down gown is more of a #mood. Like your Mom told you about accessories: put everything you want to wear on, and then before you leave, take at least one of those things off. This way you'll never look overdone or too busy, and the same goes for your gown. You want a ballgown with a huge puffy skirt, embellished with applique and crystals? Go for two, skip one. Applique and crystals are perfect together; so is a gorgeous, tulle laden skirt and muted floral appliques. Pared down doesn't have to mean simple or boring, but these gowns are all about refined sophistication. And boy are we in love!

Wedding gloves and socks

Photos from Lulus, LikeAngel, and Pinterest.

Gloves and socks

What your restraint grants you when choosing a pared down gown, we dare you to recoup in some fabulous and just a little fancy gloves or socks. This look isn't exactly new, but it's definitely having a moment—and we are obsessed. These super feminine and flirty accessories are a perfect and unexpected way to dress up your look. We love mesh socks worn with some strappy heels, or delicate gloves worn with a bandeau veil (our new fave!). We love gloves and socks for dressing up a civil ceremony look, or for those fashion forward brides that are going head to toe haute couture.

Bandeau veils

Photos featuring our Eloise Veil, our Elenna Veil, and from Tulle Bridal.

Bandeau veils

Bandeau veils are all the rage, and we completely understand why. Unlike most traditional veils, which emphasize a more demure femininity, bandeaus bring with them just a little bit of flirtation. Unlike their cousin, the birdcage veil, bandeaus are an unfussy and effortless yet totally chic and fashion forward way to personalize your bridal look. We added tiny freshwater pearls to the Elenna Veil for an extra touch of luxury, and designed the Eloise as a super minimal counterpart. This look is both elegant and sexy, classic and fashion forward—we really can't get enough.

What else did you see on bridal runways? Would you ever wear socks or gloves with your look? Let us know below or on our IG! And be sure to check out our Pinterest for more bridal fashion inspiration.

xo D&C

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