Beauty in simplicity: our new lingerie collection

2019 is all about refining our tools, skills, and designs. Take our dress collection, for example: we revisited old designs, brought in some new laces, and focussed on producing a collection of gowns that were engineered for an ideal fit, feel, and look. We kept this spirit in mind for our newest lingerie collection, too, which we're so excited to launch today. With some favourites from last year's collection, plus some gorgeous new designs, we worked to find beauty in simplicity: the perfect, Pareto optimality which doesn't sacrifice comfort for aesthetic, or looks for fit. 


"The most important thing is making the bride feel stunning, but still with a level of practicality," says Jordanna Leah, our designer. "I always aim to design pieces that could make the groom’s jaw drop on the honeymoon, but could also be worn under regular clothing or lounging (glamorously) around the home."

The bottom line? "I believe sexy and comfortable are not mutually exclusive."


Striking this fine balance isn't always an easy task—especially when we are also working to source fairly and keep our prices low. "Sourcing quality materials at a fair price that are produced ethically is always the biggest challenge, especially in lingerie where the bulk of it is produced for pennies overseas,"Jordanna says.

"The only way to really overcome it as a designer is to stick to your morals, and in our case, our company ethos: fair production practices without overinflated prices."



"Unfortunately sometimes that takes a lot of time when you’re searching for that perfect lace—which is why this collection is launching a little later this year! But that means each piece is lovingly handmade here in Vancouver using the best and ethically sourced fabrics, laces and trims."


We drew a ton of inspiration from the warmth of blushy fabrics for this collection. Jordanna's favourite pieces? The Bryn Set. "I’m a sucker for blush tones and I loved being able to inject some colour this season," she says. "Hopefully we'll be able to include more in the 2020 collection, too!"

With our focus on gorgeous fit and design, and ethical pricing and sourcing, we knew we still wanted our lingerie collection to feel different than everything else on the market. To achieve this, we worked again with the spirit of beauty in simplicity, finding a fine balance between sexy, revealing laces, and modern, modest cuts. "I think the balance between modesty and sexiness sets us apart for sure," Jordanna says. "Lingerie only ever seems to be one or the other." 


Needless to say, we think we've found the sweet spot. 

Check out our Pinterest for more inspiration, and shop the brand new collection here.

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