The 8 sweetest ways to pop the MoH question

The second biggest question asked in the course of a wedding follows pretty closely behind "Will you marry me?". This is, of course, the Maid of Honour question. 

Often, the choice of your Maid of Honour will be obvious: your sister, your best friend, or a childhood buddy. Either way, you'll be asking someone you love very much to be part of the biggest day of your life.

It's not only the ceremonial importance of this ask, however. What you're also asking is if your best pal will undertake a potentially huge amount of responsibilities, all for you!

For that reason, it's only fair and sweet to make your hopeful MoH feel special and loved when you ask. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to pop the MoH question.

Bethany Skorepa's bridesmaids, by Aileen Choi

Photo from D&C Bride Bethany's gorgeous Vancouver wedding.

Go on a date!

You can't go wrong inviting your intended MoH on a date. Go out for dinner and drinks, spend the evening catching up, just you two. With all of the excitement of your engagement, and your planning, its tough to make sure you carve out enough quality time for your favourite gal pals. But especially with how hectic your wedding is going to be, it's important to cherish those quieter, best friend moments. With dessert, order a bottle of bubbly and ask the big question. I can't imagine doing this without you. Will you please be my Maid of Honour?

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The MoH gift box

If your intended MoH is a Pinterest maven, pick up an adorable Maid of Honour gift box. These can often be customized for your bridesmaids and MoH, right down to the items they have inside. Bubbles, lipstick, gorgeous sheet masks and a cute monogrammed robe? How could she not say yes?

Photo from Artifact Uprising.

Make a polaroid or picture book

Gather all of your photos together. Go way back. You know what that means: screenshots from the very earliest days of both of your Instagram feeds. Use a service like Artifact Uprising to put together a darling book of all of your favourite pictures together. This makes a great keepsake and demonstrates all of your amazing adventures together. 

Check out these cuties from Etsy.

Adorable scratch-off prints

Pick up a cute scratch-off print! These can be found in a ton of Etsy shops and will genuinely surprise your intended MoH. They're unique and can be purchased to suit their specific aesthetic preferences.


Photo featuring our Catherine Earrings.

Matching jewelry!

Grab a set of matching signet necklaces with your birthstones, or some gorgeous matching earrings, to mark the occasion. Bonus points if you wear these on your wedding day—it proves to your bridesmaids and MoH that they'll always be your girls. Present it to your MoH when you ask her the big question. 

Katrina Grabowski's gorgeous bridal party

Photo from D&C Bride Kat Grabowski's wedding

Tarot readings (with a little suggestion)!

If your MoH is one who loves the mystery of having her tarot cards or her palm read, book an appointment for the two of you. Before your appointment, call your psychic and ask her to predict your intended MoH's role in your big day. When she reads your MoH's future card, have the psychic predict that your MoH will be... standing next to someone... in a white dress... holding her flowers... You get the picture. 

Check out Zazzle for this little number. 

Gift a personalized flask

For the MoH that is never unprepared, purchase an engraved flask. It could read her name, or simply "MOH," to commemorate the reason for the purchase. Give it to her, full of her favourite spirit of course, before a night out.

Photo by Athena and Camron.

Throw a party!

If your choice for MoH is obvious, then ask her at your engagement party! When you take a moment to thank your guests for celebrating with you, invite her to join you for a moment. Pop the big question in front of the crowd, and then everyone can celebrate another happy moment that evening, and she will feel extremely special to be sharing in your moment.

How are you planning on asking your MoH? Let us know below!


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