The Cutest Bridal Masks Around

Face masks are here to stay, but they shouldn't encroach on your wedding day! And don't worry, there really is an option for every bride, from pearls and lace to floral applique or beautiful, simply chic silk. Here's a round up of our favourite masks for you, your bridal party, and your guests!

Mask your bridal mask to your wedding gown

Images from BabyFacePress, Caelin NYC, and EveningRoom.

Find a mask that matches your gown

With the exception of the ceremony itself, you're likely going to be wearing a mask. This is the safest way to enjoy your wedding celebration—but it shouldn't cramp your style. Your mask should appeal to the specifics of your gown without stealing the show. For example, if your train features beautiful floral designs and appliqué's, add some of those same flowers to a simple white silk mask to tie the two together. If your dress is super chic and minimal, opt for a well fitted, sculptural silk mask to complement the figure of your dress.

Keep guests safe and happy

Given that your wedding guests will have declined in number given the pandemic restrictions, offering them a matching or coordinated mask is one small way to show your gratitude for their presence and help facilitate their comfort and safety in a group. Matching masks or outfits always looks so good in photos, too—be sure to get everyone together for a group snap! 

Bridal party masks

Photos from BellesDesignShop, StenciledWI, and StudioVitra.

Get in on those Squad Goals

You and your bridal party have been presented with an excellent opportunity to match. Opt for labelled masks that read Bride, Maid of Honour, and Bridesmaid to adorn the whole group, or choose an unlabeled mask that ties your whole look together. For example, consider a gorgeous gradient of your wedding colours, alternating colours, or similar materials in varying designs, like randomly placed pearls. Team Bride vibes!



Opt for masks with filter slots

Filter slots in many reusable masks provided an added layer of protection against airborne pathogens by creating a space for a disposable high calibre filter to be worn inside the mask. Especially when dealing with smoke from west coast forest fires or a virus like COVID-19, choosing masks that facilitate this upgraded level of safety (over plain cloth masks) is a must. The good news is, even those masks are adorable.

Masks for your guests

Photos from DanenbergDesigns.

Send masks home as souvenirs! 

If your guests bring their own masks, which many likely will, offer a souvenir mask to take home with them as a small gift. These might be embroidered with your initials and the wedding date, or could merely be in your wedding colours or feature a cheeky saying. You'd want these masks to be pertinent for guests to wear day-to-day, so don't make it so specific or bombastic that guests will never use them.

Be sure to spring for nose wire!

Comfort and safety are key! Try to find masks that make good use of structural nose wires, designed to form to the bridge of the wearer's nose to ensure the fixity of the mask. These will likely cost a few extra dollars, but they will be worth the expenditure when they stay firmly in place during your socially distanced dance party.

Have you bought masks for your wedding? Are you going to? Let us know below!

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