To-Die-For 1960s Wedding Looks

File this under: the Golden Days. When you think timeless, what period do you imagine? We're not fans of the whole, you know, women of colour not being able to vote for most of the 60s, and the Vietnam War, and the Student Movements—yikes, the 60s was a volatile period! Tenuous ground for a light hearted wedding post... So reservations aside, growing pains aside—the fashion was and still is a stand-out era of classic, minimal shifts, exceptionally coiffed hair, and big, beautiful cat eyes. While we're not keen on heading back in time quite so literally, we're definitely pushing for a 60s sartorial revival!

The dresses

1960s wedding dresses

Image from Offbeat Bride and Pinterest.

If I was gutsy enough for a Mia Farrow haircut a la Rosemary's Baby, I'd so be there—but for now, I'll opt for one of these perfect updos and a shift. A trim, short, flirty shift dress encapsulated the 60s, and is perfect for almost every body type. Just as well, a charming tea length gown, and those gloves? It's hard to embody glamour so elegantly. Sign us up!

The makeup

1960s wedding makeup

Cat. Eye. 'Nuff said. 

(I mean, there's also the gorgeous pale lips, evenly toned skin, and lest we forget those classic Twiggy eyelashes! These are looks we only wish we could pull off today. Ahem—these are looks we only wish we could actually manage to execute technically today. Liquid eyeliner is no walk in the park. Sigh.)

The accessories

1960s Wedding Accessories

Photos from Tumblr, and this extremely cool website dedicated to the oft-under documented fashion of women of colour in the States! Check it out! 

Pillbox hats! Birdcage veils!! Long white gloves and tiny purses!!! These accessories, while seeming to be quite small, also feel so extra, and we're here for it. 1960s veils might be our favourite era—the dramatics! It's unparalleled. The other excellent thing about these accessories is that they can all be worn together. Yes. Go big. 

The cars

1960s Cars

Photos from Pinterest,  Flickr.

The 60s were a decade of massive family cars, and we also love how prevalent they were in so many wedding photos. Pictures in the back of the car, decorating the vehicle for the drive away from the church—does this still happen? We hope so!

The suits

1960s Mens Wedding Fashion

Photos from Flickr, University of Kansas, and Flickr.

We can't forget about the excellent mens fashion of this era. The mismatch jackets and trousers, the wide lapels, the satin/shiny-feeling tuxes? Too good. And can we just talk about that amazing sepia portrait with the coolest blue-steel gaze you've ever seen? #GOALS. 

What's your favourite era for fashion? Did the 20s really do it for you? We'll be surprised if anyone misses the 80s or 90s, but we do suppose it's far enough in the past now to be looked back upon with fondness, right? We'll be over here, in any case, watching our favourite 1960s films now. Have you seen In the Mood For Love by Wong Kar-wai? Set in the 1960s, released in 2000, maybe some of the best fashion ever. Spoiler: not about weddings. Just awesome. 

xo D&C

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