True Love: Katrina and Adam

There are few things we love more than a Palm Springs Wedding. So when D&C bride Katrina Grabowski wore our Senna & Liv hairpin set down the aisle at the Ace Hotel down in SoCal, we knew we were in for a treat. Katrina is a photographer herself (we've shared lots from her before—check her out at @artandtheaerialist!) so you can be sure that between Kat and her wedding photographer, Meghan Bustard, these wedding photos were always bound to be magic—and magic they sure are.

 Katrina Grabowski on her wedding day

Katrina answered a few questions for us about her experience wedding planning, and shared her adorable wedding video! Read on for some gorgeous wedding inspiration.

D&C: How did you and Adam meet?

KG: We were coworkers on the same communications team for two years before we started dating. I used to refer to him as my work crush.

Flowers by Jenni Nelson

Katrina Grabowski's first look on her wedding day

D&C: How did Adam propose?

KG: We got engaged at the top of a waterfall in Waimea Canyon in Kauai. It was the afternoon before a massive storm that devastated half the island, so I remember being extremely stressed that we'd be swept away by a flash flood while Adam was trying to create a romantic moment. Regardless, Adam could hardly have picked a more beautiful location and proposed with a custom ring he designed.

D&C: What inspiration guided your wedding planning? Did you work with a planner?

KG: I planned the entire wedding on my own. As a wedding photographer in Vancouver, I wanted my own wedding to be a bit different than what I was used to seeing. Adam's parents live in Palm Springs half of the year and we are in love with the vibe of that area. A destination wedding meant we could share a new location with our guests, create new memories, and really make an event out of our wedding. The Ace Hotel and Swim Club felt like a dream venue because it has super fun details built right in and is a great mix of contemporary and retro. It really embodies the Palm Springs vibe, plus the wedding space itself has it's own semi-circle pool, a giant feminist mural, and delicious on-site catering! There wasn't a lot that needed to be added, just florals (by Jeni Nelson), jumbo balloons, and a couple of pool floaties that were meant to make the wedding feel like a fun fancy party.

D&C: What has married life taught you so far?

KG: Our marriage is a really great partnership. We do everything together and try to focus on showing love and patience towards each other. 

D&C: Any advice to share with couples planning their own weddings now, as an expert?

KG: I would recommend hiring a day-of planner, even if you can't afford a full on wedding planner. I carried a lot of stress leading up to the wedding date that might have been eased if I wasn't worried about every last detail. I think the greatest success of our wedding was having a venue that was easy to decorate and easy for the photographer to work with. We were able to keep costs down by choosing an off-season wedding date and hiring friends as our vendors (Adam's dad officiated, friends did our hair and makeup, my brother-in-law played guitar at the ceremony, etc.) It's also important to remember that you're allowed to break traditions and think outside the box with your wedding day! Make it what you want it to be.

D&C: What made you choose our Senna and Liv pins?

KG: As part of our "fun fancy party" theme, I wanted to make sure the bridal party had some sparkly details in their looks. The hair pins I picked were super fun accessories that worked easily with our down-dos.

Kat and Adam also had a great idea for their wedding video. "We didn't have a videographer, but we asked friends to take videos on their phones using the same VHS video app and then Adam edited them together." The result is an honest, chill, and really fun look at the festivities. Check it out!


Kat + Adam from Adam Ratcliffe on Vimeo.


Adorable, no? Thanks for sharing with us, Kat! Much love from the team at D&C.


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