Vancouver's Best Unique Wedding Venues

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and accordingly, our city has a ton of unique and cool wedding venues. With world class cocktails, sweeping West Coast vistas, and awesome heritage buildings, it's hard to go wrong—but these venues are not always where or what you'd think. These are some of our favourite wedding venues in Vancouver.

1. Ellis Building

TL;DR—have you seen D&C bride Bethany's adorable Ellis Building wedding? 'Nuff said.

The Ellis Building looks modest on the outside, but makes up for it with its robust community presence and gorgeous personality. A few local creatives invested to restore the Ellis Building to something of its former glory, and this space is now as popular and busy as it was in the 1910s and 1920s. This venue is perfect for people that love a hip, urban vibe and that love tearing up a dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.

Photo by Aileen Choi.


2. Pacific Spirit Park

Wanderlusters, look no further. Pacific Spirit Park is a gorgeous, sprawling forest with well kept paths and occasionally, a breathtaking view of the surrounding seascapes. For small, intimate ceremonies, surrounded by the peace of the pacific northwest, look no further. 

Photo by Bake Photography.

3. Upstairs at Campagnolo

Campagnolo is famous for its delicious food and cozy, intimate atmosphere. Upstairs at Campagnolo is for the regulars. Featuring a concise but excellent wine list and tasty cocktails, plus satiating, elevated classics like burgers, this venue is perfect to rent for folks who want to chat and be wined and dined until early morning.

4. The Pipe Shop

For city dwellers that want a fancy, upscale feeling, look no further than the Pipe Shop! The Pipe-fitters Building was one of the facilities in Vancouver that was used to build ships, and as such, this venue is defined by its wide open spaces and gorgeous, silky light. This venue can host up to 360 people, and has space for food preparation on site. It books up fast, so don't miss out!

Photo by Christie Graham.

5. The Permanent

The Permanent opened its doors in 1907 as the BC Permanent & Loan Company. For decades, the Bank of Canada was housed here, between Railtown, Gastown, Chinatown, and downtown, before the building was restored into its beautiful, finely finished stature today. You might also recognize the permanent as the outdoor facade of Veronica Lodge's home on Riverdale. They also offer a ton of party planning support.

Photo by Sara Rogers.

6. Polygon Gallery

The Polygon Gallery is perfect for the couple looking for a super modern, minimal wedding venue. It can accommodate up to 540 people, has an onsite kitchen, and features the most incredible city views you can imagine. Especially if budget is less of a concern, you've got to check out the Polygon. It is perhaps the most beautiful venue the entire city has to offer.

Photo by Mathias Fast.

7. Settlement Building

The Settlement Building is a triple threat. Actually, it's a quadruple threat. Number one: the gorgeous space. This venue used to be used for ship building as well, so its vaulted ceilings and exposed beams lend themselves to a gorgeous rustic feeling in the industrial district. Threats numbers two through four: Vancouver Urban Winery, Postmark Brewing, and Belgard Kitchen are all housed in the same building. For simplicity's, and deliciousness's sake, we advice you keep your venue and catering all in house. Trust us. 

Photo by Aileen Choi.

Did you get married in Vancouver? What was your venue like? Let us know below!

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