Wedding Day No-Makeup Makeup and Natural Hair Ideas

Hair & makeup can be a huge affair on your wedding day. Sometimes, it's a lot of fun—how often can you justify wearing falsies and the darkest red lipstick you can imagine? What about literal pounds of extensions for that full on Rapunzel look? There's only so many occasions to warrant getting so dolled up, so we say go for it! 

If you are looking for a makeup look that is more on the minimal side, we also vote that you embrace your natural beauty. You'll save time, money, and stress. Take a look at these gorgeous ladies.

Photos by From the Hip Photo and Pinterest.

Let you hair be free! Gorgeous naturally curly hair is so effortlessly beautiful. This should be the attitude everywhere, all the time, but especially on your wedding day—you do you. You look so good when you celebrate what you have. Similarly, if you do want to tie your hair back, a nice half up look is so easy and so elegant. 

Dewy skin, light mascara, and all the freckles.

Photos from Into the Gloss and Pinterest.

We're a huge fan of no-makeup makeup! We've got little hints of colour here and there, but with these looks, we just see beautiful dewy skin, lots of freckles, and very minimal (if any) eye makeup. It's true that the camera does make it seem like you're wearing even less makeup than you are—so a little bit of liner or a tiny bit of blush might do you well—but we know you're going to look incredible anyhow. 

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xo D&C


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