Wedding DIYs to keep you busy in quarantine

The world has ground to a halt (or many non-essential services have) and we're all stuck at home. For those of us able to move forward with our weddings, there is an air of anticipation looming about; and being stuck inside makes us feel like there' so little we can do to prepare for the big day.

But lucky for us, delivery services are still running. So we've drummed up a few wedding to-dos that can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home: keeping the excitement going while combatting the spread of COVID-19.

 DIY Wedding Cocktails

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Start testing your cocktails

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, we're sure of it. If you haven't selected a cocktail to serve yet, start testing! Delivery services like Doordash and Deliveroo now deliver alcohol directly to your doorstep, so just place your order and get to mixing. If you need some inspiration, check out our themed cocktail posts here and here for easy, batch made, delicious cocktails. 

DIY Wedding Arch

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Make your backdrop

Start thinking about your backdrop. With the world all askew, it's ideal to keep projects close to home if possible—so instead of hiring a woodworker or designer to craft your backdrop, trust yourself and your glue gun, and get to work. Try building a simple archway using reclaimed wood (nothing fancy!) and draping it with a beautiful part-silk fabric. Adorn with flowers on the day and you're good to go. 

Or try a hanging centrepiece to be suspended behind you on your wedding day. Try an abstract collection of light bulbs threaded through a plank, or go for some handmade pompoms and tassels for a dose of colour.

DIY Wedding Cones Petals Confetti

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Prepare your rice or petal cones

We're all for a little bit of extra on your wedding day, so consider doing a rice or petal toss (though make sure your venue allows it and that no animals could be harmed by eating the leftover rice!). Whether to celebrate the recessional, or to send the couple off, cones are a great way for your guests to get involved. Creating the cones yourself is super easy: order (or make!) some adorable cardstock around 4 inches by 6 inches and roll into a conical shape. Secure with washi tape or with glue, and set with a clothespin to dry. Lastly, punch a hole through the top edge and thread some twine through in order to suspend your cones from a display or from chairs before they're used. Easy! Just fill them up on your wedding day.

DIY Wedding decor faux flowers on a budget

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Make ambient decor

If you're wanting to spruce up your ambient decor, now is the time to do it. Either order a kit on Etsy and set to work, or get creative and order your own supplies from Amazon. Make your own mason jar candles to send home with your guests as gifts, or make some adorable hanging elements to elevate your interior decor. Check out these pompom vines from Anna at Rifle Design! These cheerful elements can be hung up around your home until it's time for the wedding.

DIY Wedding programs, table cards

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Take care of programs and table numbers

If you don't have them designed and printed already, make your own program boards or pamphlets and table numbers! Buy up a vintage chalkboard (or a new chalkboard and fit it with a vintage frame, or buy up some temperature treated glass and paint it with some Gallery Glass transparent glaze. Then get to work hand lettering—use stencils for consistency's sake! Table numbers can be designed and printed at home; just grab some reclaimed wood and chop it into blocks with a small slot at the top to hold the table number cards. These are minimal, cost effective, and can be easily done from home (without needing to leave to shop!). 

How are you keeping busy at home during the pandemic? Let us know below! Also, always remember to tip your delivery drivers generously and be responsible if you do need to go out to shop.

Take care, everyone!

xo D&C

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