Wedding florals for spring? Groundbreaking, but for real this time

Miranda Priestly has got nothing on 2020's up and coming spring florals trend. From runway to ready-to-wear, it's hard to imagine such a beautiful season without florals—in gowns, accessories, and shoes alike.

Lucky for us, this season promises to deliver big on our ethereal dreams of whimsical brides traipsing through golden fields of wildflowers. Here are our favourite wedding floral trends for spring 2020.

Bridal Floral Headbands Vancouver Davie and Chiyo

Featuring our Zarah Headband, a lovely floral look from All About Romance, and our Ivy Hair Vine.


Floral headbands are such a lovely and unexpected way to inject your look with heaps of personality and uniqueness. Many brides opt for the subtler hairpin, but we absolutely love a statement headband to bring your look together. These beauties celebrate everything from the daintiest flowers to the most robust, abstract, bold floral shapes found in nature.

Floral hairpins from Vancouver Davie and Chiyo

Featuring our Zarah Comb, Isra Pin, and Eden Pin, and Tani Maras' tiny flowers.


For the subtler sister of the headband, opt for a beautiful, dainty, still eye-catching hairpin (or a set!) to unify the varied elements of your wedding day look. We think of such hairpins as the icing on the cake: the real substance comes from the dress and the hair and makeup, but without a little embellishment and sweetness, it's just not the same!

Floral Earrings Bridal Vancouver Davie and Chiyo

Featuring our Adelia Earrings, as well as a love pair from Archive 12 and the Loved One.


Earrings are probably the most elegant accessory a bride will wear on her wedding day. Because they occupy a smaller area of visual space (though this isn't the case when worn with updos!) it's a great way to sneak in a sentimental earring which is a bit bolder. These can also be worn again! 

Bridal floral sashes Vancouver Davie and Chiyo

Featuring our Zia, Aisling, and Marilyn sashes.


The perfect centrepiece to your wedding day look is your bouquet. But when you're not holding your bouquet—at the altar, on the dance floor, during the reception meals—you need something to keep your look focused. We love delicate, feminine, ethereal sashes like these for some added visual interest without overwhelming your gown. 

Bridal floral topper Vancouver Davie and Chiyo

Featuring our Harlow, Alivia, and Dena Toppers.


Toppers are the next big thing! They make the perfect complement to a simple, minimal gown without abandoning the chic ethos of so many brides. Whether a cape or a proper topper, we offer several different kinds of lace for a mood anywhere between hyper traditional and totally cutting edge. When you're ready to dance, just take your topper off and show off your gorgeous gown underneath.

How are you working florals into your look? Let us know below! 

xo D&C

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