Wedding Party Photo Inspiration

You've seen *the* picture from Solange's wedding, right? This one?

Need we say more?

Your bridal party photos have the potential to be some of the most epic images of your wedding. Just you and your girls, or your partner and their nearest and dearest (or all of you together). These are the most important people in the world to you—shouldn't your images reflect that? 

Here's a few great bridal party photos we've found and use for posing inspo whenever necessary. Pro tip: they're also great for birthday parties or shoots for your 'team' page at work. 

Get cozy in the frame! With the similarities in attire of the wedding party, the proximity makes group portraits more visually interesting. We love the slight variations in bridesmaid dresses in this photo for that reason. More dimension!

Guys & gals!

Photos from Danielle Real Photography and Pinterest.

Have fun with your images! We love the symmetry in the photo on the left, and how the suspenders continue into the line of the groomsmen's arms. Playing with scale in this way also makes for truly unique and striking images. Not everything needs to be headshots or half-length portraits. 

Goofy wedding party photos!

Photos from Love is a Big Deal and Pinterest.

Go full glamour! Gorgeous, floor length, perfectly done up bridesmaids and the whole party shot in rockstar lighting and black and white makes for a beautiful and dramatic image.

Go full glamour.

Photos from Pinterest and Emilia Jane Photography.

We've all seen the 'first look' photo between the bride and groom, but what about the bride and her bridesmaids? These are the bride's best friends and closest family—they probably knew the bride long before she met her soon-to-be spouse. Have your photographer catch this first look!

Squad goals!

Photos from Laura Babb Photography and CHARD Photographer.

What do you think? Did you get any amazing wedding party snaps on your big day? Have any ideas you can't wait to try out? Let us know in the comments!

xo D&C

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