How to Plan the Perfect Cottagecore Inspired Wedding

If you want to have a cottagecore inspired wedding, but are not sure exactly where to start, look no further! We've got you covered.


The term 'cottagecore' has been appearing everywhere lately, especially since the beginning of COVID when everyone was slowing down, making a lot of sourdough, and dreaming of leaving their apartments and moving out of the city. This aesthetic has fully reached the mainstream in lifestyle, fashion, and naturally, weddings. Cottagecore is about simplicity and immersing yourself in nature, if you were to google the term, you would find plenty of images of quaint farms, lovely cotton dresses, and fields of wildflowers - all wonderful elements to find in a whimsical wedding. Below you will find all the elements needed if you want to bring a touch of the cottagecore vibe to your special day.



Just because the word is cottagecore, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be at a quaint fairytale cottage to be on theme (but if you can find one then bonus points to you).

To really keep up with the cottagecore theme, immerse your guests in nature as much as possible whether it be at the ceremony, reception, or both. Because of this, summer would definitely be the ideal time of year for this aesthetic. If you can’t find a cute farm or the aforementioned fairytale cottage, many cities have beautiful gardens where you an host events, or keep it super simple by just hosting in your very own backyard.



Cottagecore is all about simplicity and slow living, so low fuss meals are perfect. Farm-to-table is really the play here, so try to find caterers and bakers who predominantly use local ingredients. 



There are so many ways to integrate cottagecore décor to your wedding. Consider replacing traditional bouquets with bunches of wildflowers. Greenery is also a great way to liven up the space; consider garlands, potted plants, and wreaths so no matter where the wedding is taking place, you can feel like you’re in rolling green hills and quaint pastures.

Cottagecore is all about getting back to nature, so consider using natural fabrics like crisp linens and cotton for the tables.


Pictured: Idalia Comb set, Farryn Headpiece, Fae Hairpin Set, Farryn Braid Vine


You will likely want to keep your accessories to a minimum as the cottagecore aesthetic is quite simplistic, but incorporating wildflowers or foliage in your hair would be a lovely touch. If you are worried of your blooms wilting during the big day, you could instead opt for some lovely gold pieces with floral details. Our accessories line features several hair pieces with floral or leafy details and that way you will be able to hold onto your pieces for years to come.



Cottagecore wedding dresses are ethereal and full of whimsy. Elements like loose sleeves, vintage inspired lace, smocked details, embroidery, etc. perfectly encompass the theme. You could also look for a vintage dress or consider a more basic alternative and wear a sustainably made cotton dress if you want to keep it extra low key. The Daia dress from our 2021 collection would be a perfect choice, featuring delicate ruffled straps and a fun ruffled hem detail.


Whether you are wanting to lean into the cottagecore aesthetic for your wedding, or prefer to stick to the more traditional styles, we have something for every bride. 

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