Wedding Shawl Styles

Wedding shawls and faux fur cover-ups are an elegant touch to a winter or autumn wedding. Whether your event is a winter wonderland or is simply held on a chillier summer night, a bridal shaw or bridal coverup is a cozy accessory that still leaves you looking regal and poised.

Our faux fur shawls are made in a range of silhouettes and styles, with a variety of realistic faux fur colours to compliment your gown without looking out of place. For your bridesmaids, we offer non-traditional colours, such as a warm taupe or crisp brown, to keep them equally as elegant (and warm!)  while allowing you to maintain your signature bridal colour.

Bridal shawls are also a lovely gift to the mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom, or any other members of the bridal party, offering a heartfelt and luxurious feel throughout the wedding night. 

For a fall or winter bride, our oversized shawls are the perfect accessory, while a spring or late summer bride will feel breezy in our smaller bridal shawls.