About Us

Davie & Chiyo is a bridal & bridesmaid dress & accessory line for the effortless, the feminine, & the unique. 
Based in Vancouver, Canada, each piece is designed & handmade by our team of artisans, 
dedicated to continuously curating a collection worthy of the modern & whimsical bride.

The Team

FUMI  |  Co-Owner, Website Maintenance

ALISA  |  Co-Owner, Administration

APRIL  |  Marketing & General Manager

JORDANNA  |  Design & Production Manager

DAISY  |  Stylist & Shoot Coordinator, Customer Service

ALICE  |  Packing & Shipping Coordinator, Customer Service

MEGAN  |  Social Media Coordinator

MADELAINE  |  Accessories Production Coordinator

CHENCHEN  |  Production & Studio Assistant

SARAH  |  Production & Studio Assistant

HIMI  |  Goldsmith

RENA  |  Seamstress

MICHIYO Seamstress 

JULIE  |  Hand-Wiring

SAMANTHA  |  Hand-Wiring

IVY  |  Hand-Wiring

AMANDA  |  Hand-Wiring

The History

Davie & Chiyo emerged in 2008 as a pet project for Vancouver sister duo, Fumi and Himi. One a recent business school graduate and the other a stay‐at­‐home mom, they both had a passion for all things handmade. They started small with a giftshop on Etsy selling handmade pouches and purses, and before they knew it were specializing in custom, one-of-a-kind clutches for every member of the bridal party. “We had never really planned on working in the bridal marketit found us.”

Fast-forward nine years and what was once a one sewing machine operation has grown into a multi-machine studio, with a growing team of artisans dedicated to their craft.  Davie & Chiyo prides itself on the individual hand-craftsmanship of each of their pieces and the use of locally sourced materials, wherever possible.

The ultra-­femme line boasts lush silks, decadent beading, airy chiffons, ruffles, lace, and workmanship so refined it'll set your heart aflutter. Their passion for bridal has expanded beyond clutches to include a line of head-to-toe accessories and dresses with a worldwide following.

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