Do I require an appointment?

Yes! We want to focus on you and finding the perfect dress and accessories. Book your appointment.

What should I expect, this is my first dress appointment?

How exciting! We are so pleased you chose to come to us!

First of all, a dress on a hanger is never the same on a body, so be open to trying different things. “The dress” may end up being different to what you originally had in mind.

Don’t worry about the sizing, as our sample dresses run in a bridal size 8. Likely the sample size will not be the perfect fit, though we will do our best to clip and let out things as needed, to help you see how the dress will look once it has been made in your correct size.

Appointments run about 50 min. This may seem long but in reality you may find this isn't enough time!

What should I bring with me?

We recommend a strapless bra, nude undies or shapewear if you prefer. We also encourage for you to wear minimal makeup for the sake of our dresses.

Who should I bring with me?

Bring up to 4 guests and your biggest smile.

What if I need customizations or alternations to be made?

While your gown is made to order, it is based on a standard size chart. Most gowns will need at least minimal alterations to make it fit you perfectly. We do not provide in-house alterations, but we are happy to recommend some local specialists to make sure it fits like a glove!

How far in advance should I buy my dress? 

We would recommend 4 months in advance. The standard timing for production of our dresses is 12 weeks but it is a good idea to leave some time for any potential alterations that may need to be done. We do have the option to rush the production time but this does come with some additional cost.