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Our Favourites

Our Pomp & Posy Clutch in graphite and Jewelled Loveletter Clutch in taupe hit all the right notes for fall weddings.

bridesmaid gifts on a budget
November 20, 2014

  Bridesmaid Gifts on a Budget Finding bridemaid gifts on a budget is no easy task. If you're like most brides out there then the very words "bridesmaid gifts" stirs up a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Not to mention, the wedding budget (which...

10 reasons to plan a winter wedding
November 16, 2014

1. Snow White Wedding Winter weddings means snow—gorgeous, lush, bright snow. (Just think of the pictures!) Not to mention the predictability of snow—depending on where you are, while spring, summer, and autumn brides are losing sleep over weather forecasts, you’ll...

how to tie a sash
November 12, 2014

  How to tie a sash? It may seem like an insignificant detail—until you are that bride Googling “how to tie a sash” fifteen minutes before you walk down the aisle. (Hopefully this isn’t you!) So if you are one...

everything's turning to gold
November 02, 2014

  The leaves are turning to gold—and so is every bride's winter colour palette. As the weather cools and the days crisp, brides warm to the idea of a woodland wedding. Natural elements tie together with this season’s romantic hues—gold, blackberry, and...